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Give Me Liberty: Freedom And Liberty Across The World (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this is to select 3 things in the book Give Me Liberty Ch 22-24.
The 3 I picked are Attack on Pearl Harbor, the Korean War, and the TV world.
It needs to be set up like this:
Thesis Statement: One to three sentences characterizing the topic of the response and possible conclusion.
Exposition: Explain what my argument/focus will be in this response. This body of the response must be my thoughts and critical ideas. Do not just convolute this part of the response with numerous quotes and paraphrasing.
Analysis: Make sure to critically scrutinize from a negative or positive standpoint in the responses.
Support my point of view with evidence.
Each topic needs to be 1 page in length.


Liberty and Freedom
The book Give Me Liberty chapter 22 to 24 by Eric Foner discusses the topic of freedom and liberty and the USA influence to foster such liberty and freedom across the world. However, the USA government could not find a way to solve such hence it ventured into addressing its foreign relations. Many colonies were aware of imperialism and pushed for their independence, and the US felt a need for such nations to obtain freedom and liberty just like the US did in its American Declaration of Independence. Various regimes such as Truman, Roosevelt, and Nixon embraced a need for freedom. However, the USA faced challenges due to frequent Cold Wars and stopped a mounting pressure on Europe to give self-government to the different colonies. USA faced the difficulty of the search for liberty and freedom for the whole world especially colonies in the book where the author gives cases of Pearl Harbor, the Korean War, and the TV World.
Pearl Harbor
On calm Sunday morning of December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Japanese forces attacked the island alarming the USA for their lack of invincibility against the foreign attack. The dark day changed the USA position regarding its international relations and ventured into World War II. Two soldiers on the day saw an oscilloscope signal on mobile radar and immediately alerted all the military base commanders. Upon their negligence, Pearl Harbor turned into ruins within a short time. Was the war necessary in the first place? Well, the USA forced the Japanese into a point of no choice but to attack Pearl Harbor. The USA administration cracked the Japanese military codes and had received early warnings against anticipated attacks from Japan. Thus, the USA policy placed unfavorable conditions to prevent Japan from accessing the raw materials necessary for war against China.[Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! An American History: Seagull Fourth Edition. Vol. 1. WW Norton & Company, 2013.]
The USA administration initially embraced its international relations and policies on Europe. However, the government shifted attention to the eastern bloc countries especially Japan and intercepted messages of attack in the Pacific and its environment. The commanders at the navy and military base neglected the warnings of an attack from a foreign nation, and on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor received an attack from Japanese planes killing 2000 American members of the armed forces, destroyed 18 vessels with eight battleships as well as 187 aircraft. Japanese chose Pearl Harbor since it was the strategic base where the USA docked its military warheads at the Pacific war times.
The suggestion that Roosevelt hoped to keep peace in the Pacific and Europe was unfounded. Roosevelt through Congress declared war on Japan, and as a result of Germany also wedged war on the USA. Thus, the USA actively joined WWII. Such decisions only rose after the president received information on the imminent attack and

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