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Human Trafficking on Tissue, Organs, and Cells on the Global level (Research Paper Sample)


Global Studies 300
This group assignment consists of a 2 and half-page paper.
1. Your paper is due at the beginning of class on the day of your presentation.
2. This is a 2 and half-page research paper on the topic of Human trafficking assigned to your group (see group assignments on Cougar Courses). Depending on your assigned topic, the format of your paper will be different. If your group is covering one of the “types” of human trafficking, you want to be sure that you include:
3. Name of the section is (Tissue, Organs, and Cells on the Global )
A. The global view and understanding of the problem (ie. Is there international recognition of the problem? Is it universally or generally regarded as a problem? Are there international conventions addressing the problem? )
The “international responses” of human trafficking, you want to make sure you include:
A. Global attempts to prevent, protect, or prosecute (depending on your topic). Are there global organizations aimed at your assigned response (IGOs and NGOs)? Are there international conventions covering your assigned response? Can you evaluate them? Are they successful or not? Why or why not? Can you make any recommendations for improvement?
4. You need to be sure that you have an opening paragraph and a thesis statement. I need to know what your paper is about from the outset.
5. Spelling and grammar do count, so please PROOF READ and SPELL CHECK!
6. You must properly cite your sources. I don't care what citation method you use, but you need to pick one and stick with it throughout your paper. Please remember that it is not just direct quotes that must be cited. Even if you paraphrase, you must give credit to the author. Those ideas still belong to the original author and he/she must be acknowledged.
7. It is important that you use legitimate sources. Use scholarly sources (journal articles or books) and information from governments, IGOs, and NGO's. You may use news sources to supplement your material. You should have at least five (5) scholarly sources. Please do not wait until the last minute to look for resources because you may need to use interlibrary loan and that takes time.
8. Remember that most web pages are not scholarly in nature. You can access scholarly sources from the web (via the library), but be very careful what websites you use. Do not, under any circumstances, use Wikipedia.
9. Please be sure to number the pages of your paper.


Human Trafficking on Tissue, Organs, and Cells on the Global Level
Human trafficking for organ, tissues, and cells trade has been on the rise across the globe. The illegal activity has therefore become a considerable area of concern by international organizations such as world health organizations and governments so that they can address it as it is considered a problem. It is considered a problem because many individuals who are forced to give up on their body parts eventually end up having emotional and mental burdens and most of them are subjected to serious injuries or diseases. Most of the people who are engaged in the illegal activity mainly target women children as can easily be forced and influenced into giving up on their on their body parts. Global attempts to prevent the illegal activity have been made by World Health Organization and United Nations Trafficking in Persons Protocol.
United Nations Trafficking in Persons Protocol has embarked on some activities with the aim of preventing human trafficking for organs cells and tissues. For example, it has it has given formal consent to many states to bring into practice national trafficking legislation(Iniguez de Heredia, 2007) With the introduction of the national trafficking legislation, states will have the power to arrest all those people who are engaging in the illegal activity(Sperling, 2014). It also engages in training activities where individuals are trained on how to enlighten others on the need of refraining from engaging in such an illegal deed (Territo &Matesson, 2012. Moreover, it has developed measures to strengthen the capacity for achieving the goal of preventing the illegal activity in many countries around the world. United Nations Trafficking in Persons Protocol has been successful in their work, as it has m...
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