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The Challenges By Police Policing The Boarder, And The Controversy About It (Essay Sample)


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Policing America, 8th Edition, Kenneth J. Peak.
Essay about the challenges by Police policing the boarder, and the controversy about it.


Policing the Border
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Policing the Border
National insecurity has hit almost every nation in the world due to globalization. Despite the many benefits from globalization‚ many threats interconnectedness raises an alarm and has called for action from those dealing with enforcement of the law. Issues of illegal trafficking and terrorism have become so rampant. This has resulted to the evolvement of a lot of workshops which have brought together many representatives from non- governmental organizations‚ inter-governmental organizations‚ a series of researchers‚ and many other international officials concerned with the enforcement of the law (Andreas, 2012). This paper will elaborate on challenges that come with policing along the border in the U.S‚ and the controversies associated.
In the Homeland Security Department‚ the border patrol of the U.S is trying its best to meet certain specific objectives which were advocated for in the National Border Patrol Strategy. There are some key objectives that have been identified in the current study that will help come up with the best way of managing and enhancing security within the borders. This is together with a discussion that is critical of the National Border Patrol Strategy (NBPS) (Gaines, & Kappeler, 2011).
The key objectives that will be put into consideration include the ability to easily recognize and detect‚ incarcerate‚ and ensure complete deterrence of human smugglers‚ any other contraband and drugs; effective and comprehensive use of ‘Smart Border’ technology; ensure there is reduction of crime for the communities who are located along the borders and also make lots of improvement of life quality in these areas; establishing a concrete and a probability that is substantial of capturing or apprehending weapons and terrorists as they try to cross the borders illegally; and lastly enforcing whichever deterrence methods that are going to be applied (Gaines, & Kappeler, 2011). However‚ there is a great challenge in achieving these goals‚ this is because they have a link with an important role of agency partners‚ public policy and national security.
There are a lot of challenges despite an increased need to improve on methods of monitoring‚ securing and managing the policies regarding entry and exit along the borders. The resources that are required have proofed to be very expensive. Such burdens are transferred to the citizens through increased tax payments. Such resources are technology which include installation of stadium- type lighting‚ meant to consistently and comprehensively illuminate immigrant crossing points that are known; road expansion for the border points patrol...
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