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Gay marriage (Research Paper Sample)


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS MY ROUGH DRAFT. WILL NEED FINAL DRAFT IN 20 DAYS In this course, we look at classical ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. We also look at the different kinds of perspectives on ethical issues introduced by relativism, ethical egoism, and emotivism. For this paper, you will pick an ethical issue to discuss, but one that is not a specific topic addressed in our text (thus, gun control or product liability would not be possible choices). Some examples are given below, but it is recommended that you choose to write on a topic you have already encountered or you have thought about previously. (One way of thinking about this is to think of an ethical issue that either worries you or enrages you.) Identify, specifically, the ethical issue and the ethical problems it presents. Drawing on various sources, explain how one of the classical theories (utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics) would resolve the problem. Then, contrast this response with the perspective brought to the issue by relativism, emotivism, or ethical egoism. Finally, state which of these views is closer to your own, supporting your response with a clearly-presented and well-supported argument. The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your account. Possible Topics Physician Assisted Suicide Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns Ethical Treatment of Prisoners The Media and Its Responsibilities Gay Marriage Health Care: Right or Privilege Ethical Treatment of Animals Legalizing Marijuana Ethical Problems of Gambling Progressive Taxation Rates Following Military Orders That May Be Unethical Age Restrictions on Alcohol Relative to Military Eligibility The rough draft must be at least three (3) pages in length, (excluding the title and reference pages), and must include a thesis statement and a list of the resources you intend to use. Format your rough draft according to APA (6th edition) style and properly cite all your resources. If you would like to refer to APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, within the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation bar, in your online course. NOTE: The final version of this paper must be between eight to ten pages in length, (excluding the title and reference pages), using at least five (5) resources, and follow APA (6th edition) formatting. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


In modern times, the initial laws that have enabled gay marriage also known as same sex marriage were passed during the first decade of the 21st Century. By August 2013, around fifteen countries, United States included passed a law allowing gay marriages. Opinion polls conducted in different countries have indicated a rise in support for legalizing this kind of marriage across age, ethnicity, religion and the socioeconomic status. Same sex marriage has a number of serious implications in the society and has greatly been opposed by majority of people and organizations including different religious groups. The practice is considered as an ethical issue since it goes against many people’s norms and beliefs (Eskridge, 2008).
Marriage is well thought-out as a communal institution that has advanced with time and has attested to be long lasting regardless of the marriage type. There has however been an ethical dilemma concerning homosexuality around the world. This dilemma has existed especially among the Christian groups. Gay marriage is the union of two members of the same gender and sex. It has been in subsistence since prehistoric times. A historic same sex marriage was reported in the year 1061 between two Spanish men, Muno Vandilaz, Pedro Diaz. A priest at a small chapel in Spain joined the two men, and later the documents proving their marriage existence were found at a Monastery. This type of marriage has been viewed as a mental disorder and as a device for being called Satan. The ethical dilemma arises when gay marriage is viewed as an atrocity and a transgression while some people feel that gay people should not be categorized and judged for they are born gay.
Christian leaders have argued that the law should not allow same sex marriages because God gave a command that no one should engage in same sex relationships. In order to emphasize this, they have quoted the book of Leviticus chapter eighteen and verse twenty-two which terms these relationships as a disgrace. They have insisted that gay marriages should not be permitted this is because if God says something is wrong, then it should be deemed wrong and people should not practice it.
The Gay marriage issue has been on the discussion table for quite a long time now, usually it is seen as the civil rights of an individual versus morality. Some states have resulted to giving licenses to such couples others denying them as they believe that giving gay couples the full benefit of marriage is ‘killing’ the culture of traditional marriages(Arp,2007). Many governments have found a huge ethical flaw in allowing gay marriages. This is mainly because these unions reduce the continued existence of the human race the couples cannot procreate. Since gay couples cannot produce children naturally, they adopt them. The children in this relationships end up lacking one parent as they grow up either a m...
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