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Gun Control: Legalizing guns for blind people in the state of Iowa (Research Paper Sample)

Against legalizing guns. Please add "Legalizing guns for blind people in the state of Iowa." source..
Legalizing guns for blind people in the state of Iowa
There are laws on guns that regulate acquisition of as well as ownership of these gun and ammunition in the United States in general; however, there are laws in each state that regulate possession and use of guns and ammunition as well. These state laws vary from one state to another in scope of how they apply to the regulations of acquisition and possession of arms. According to Kates(2010) the variations in scope of how state laws vary from federal laws is on how broad or narrow these laws can be when applied to regulation of ownership and sue of firearms.
In Iowa State, the law that permits acquisition, possession and use of guns and ammunitions by people who are legally and completely blind has been passé. The law enforcement agents and officials as well as law makers in Iowa have granted permits that enable people who are blind to acquire and carry guns. The law enables the blind people to use guns as a defense in case they get attacked thus can use them for their own protection. This is aimed at ensuring reduced cases of attack on people with disabilities of sight.
Therefore, it is legally acceptable for one to carry licensed firearms including guns ammunitions in the state of Iowa if he is considered to be blind. The people who have disabilities of sight are trained on how to use the guns they are permitted to carry and use before they receive appropriate permission. The county sheriff's offices within the state of Iowa are responsible for the training of blind people on how to use these firearms they are permitted to carry as per the state law.
Dove and Chris (2010) argued that despite the legalization of acquisition, possession as well as the use of guns and ammunitions in Iowa State, there have been disagreements between people advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and officers responsible for enforcing laws in the state on whether or not the idea of permitting the visually disabled people in the state to buy, carry and use guns, is a good idea. On one hand, advocates of people with disabilities have argued that denying the visually disabled people from acquiring and using guns and ammunitions would be a violation of a federal act that is the Americans with disability act.
On the other hand, there are county sheriffs who would not issue permits for people who are visually disabled to carry, own or acquire guns in the state of Iowa before the act that permitted these people to own guns and ammunitions was passed whereas some sheriff had offered to train people with visual disabilities on how they can use guns and ammunitions.This fact shows how there have been differences on the merits of the act that allows people with visual disabilities to own, carry and use guns within the state of Iowa. Kleck(2010) stated that the argument for the people against issuing permits to visually disabled people was that ther...
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