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Gun control politics in USA (Essay Sample)

Gun control please i want the thesis in the introduction and explain the thesis in the body. also in the body each thesis have to have 1-8 sentences and explain each thesis statement.also please underline the thesis Introduction: The Introduction has to includes Sentences one  Attention grabber; data, stats, rhetorical question Sentences 2 to 6  give a definition of topics establishing context Sentences 7  Refutation ( pro –choice ) Sentence 8 to 10  Three thesis statements The thesis statements have to have three parts. Part one Assertion: Pros claim, statement and position Part two Topics: Controls, numerical signals and three topics Series: Tense have to be the same, syllabication and words Body paragraphs: - The Body paragraphs has to have three paragraphs - Give Three examples from the three thesis statement Sentences one - Topic t sentence => assertion plus topic 1 Syntax 2 Thesaurus 3 Sentence types Sentences 2 to 4 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 1) - Give Example # 1 - Explain the example # 1 Sentences 5 to 7 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 2) - Give the second example - Explain the example #2 Sentences 8 to 10 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 3) - Give the second example - Explain the example #3 Sentences 11 - Transition sentence Conclusion: The conclusions have to have 8 sentences - Thesis statement - Topic sentence - Subject verb argument - NO EXAMPLE - NO INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT REFUSING - NO FRAGMENT source..
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The issue of Gun Control is presently posting as one of the controversial issues in US politics. For the recent few years, debate has been raging on whether citizens should exercise their right to bear arms as enshrined in the USA or whether the government exercise responsibility in preventing crime. The American gun culture is an aspect influencing these citizens to continue holding on to guns and opposing any move to control such freedom. Therefore, this has left many people pondering on whether the citizens should exercise these rights in spite of the increased rate of crime resulting from this independency. Awareness should be created among these citizens concerning harmful cultures that only bring harm to the country. Although, there are to laws enacted by congress to control these guns in all government levels, these laws have achieved little in controlling the use of these. The Federal government need to awake from slumber and control the use of these guns that are in the hands of citizens and criminals. At the same time, citizens who manifest the capacity to handle the guns responsibly should not be deprived their right to protect themselves though these guns.
Issues in Gun Control
In USA, a lot more citizens still adore the relation of the guns with the American culture. The right to defend oneself by use of a gun is regarded by many of these citizens as crucial as...
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