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Celebrity psychological disorder writer-up. Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Celebrity Psychological Disorder Write-up
Diagnosing and Treating from Afar
These days, people are always engaging in ‘armchair’ diagnosing. People look at celebrities, past and present and assign them mental diagnoses. We also see them displayed with more or less accuracy in movies and television. For this assignment, due at the START of class on the day/time listed in your syllabus, I want you to take a celebrity or movie/show/play character and persuade me that they have a psychological disorder. Then tell me the best treatment (giving details about what the patient would have to do to follow the treatment).
When writing your armchair diagnosis up, you should have three sections/ paragraphs:
1st section: Define and describe the disorder. Make sure that you tell us what type of disorder it is, the most common symptoms according to the DSM-V, how many symptoms and how long someone needs to have them to satisfy the diagnosis of the disorder and the lifetime prevalence rate. Make sure you cite this info.
2nd section: Describe the character/celebrity and explain the behaviors that make you think they have that psychological disorder. Make sure you cite this info.
3rd section: Lay out the best form of treatment (according to research findings). Make sure you cite this info. If there are not good treatments say that, and then give a treatment that is commonly used to treat the disorder stating its strengths and weaknesses. Then describe what the patient would have to do to engage in those treatments.
Include the reference in APA format of the textbook and any other resources you have used in APA format on a separate page. Do NOT use MLA. You can use this free website https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/560/01/ to find out how to put any reference in APA format.
*Please let time to take advantage of the Loudoun Campus’ free writing center to get help on citations, grammar, and building a logical argument*
The assignment should be at about 1-2 pages typed and doubled-spaced with 1-inch margins (do NOT exceed 4 pages). It should have 12-point font Times New roman type. Make sure that you list your name, this class, and the time we meet on your assignment. You must also provide APA formatted headings for your paper and its three sections. Proofread your paper. You will lose points for misspellings, grammatical errors, and/or awkward sentences. Use the scientific writing style (NO: 2nd person tense, slang, rhetorical questions, and contractions). Do NOT use block quotes.
This assignment is worth up to 100 points and is due on or before the START of class on the date listed in the syllabus. No late papers will be accepted. You are welcome (and ENCOURAGED) to turn this assignment in early. Papers may ONLY be turned in to me in person directly (no email submissions will be accepted).  Psy 200
Armchair Diagnosis Assignment Grading Form
Title Info
Needs to include a clear and accurate title (i.e. it tells us what the disorder and who the celebrity is) Author's name
Class information

Definitional Paragraph
General information about the psychological disorder with citations
-includes a symptoms list
-includes info on how many symptoms and how long to get the diagnosis
-includes the lifetime prevalence rate and other basic facts about the disorder

Celebrity Description
Description of the celebrity/character’s behaviors and explanations of how they show disorder symptoms with citations. General information about the best treatment according to research for the disorder with citations. Then a description of what the patient would have to do to follow the treatment.
- specific techniques are listed out with an explanation how that celebrity/character would actually do those techniques
- if drug therapy is suggested a description of the drugs main effects and side effects MUST be included
15,Quality and Clarity
Paper is appropriate length to address topic (and per assignment guidelines)
1-inch margins throughout; double-spaced; APA formatted headings, no contractions, rhetorical questions, slang, or 2nd person tense, citation format, font (1pt each); spelling and grammatical mistakes (-1pt per two mistakes); awkward flow (-1pt each)
Block quotes -3pts
Missing references -3pts

Reference in APA format


Celebrity Psychological Disorder – A Case Study of Dan Reynolds’ Major Depressive Episode
Your Name
Your Subject and Section
August 1, 2018
Major depressive disorder (MDD), commonly called depression, is one of the most severe and prevalent mental diseases that afflicts more than 16 million Americans (aged 18 and above) every year. While a significant number of such cases only lasts for a few weeks, severe ones could appear at any given time and lasts for longer durations risking the health and well-being of an individual suffering from it. Due to this, it is necessary that cases of MDD are recognized as early as possible and treated right away. In order to have a clearer perspective on the signs, symptoms, and treatments of MDD, this article would focus on the case of the famous vocalist of the band Imagine Dragons, Dan Renoylds. Particularly, the succeeding sections of this article would focus on a discussion of MDD and how it applies to the case presented herein. All in all, the author believes that this discussion of the signs and symptoms of MDD in a well-known artist, proper awareness about the urgency and critical nature of this disease could be raised.

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