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What Might Cause The Difference Of Personality Between People Grow Up In The Same Circumstances? (Research Paper Sample)


What might cause the difference of personality between people grow up in the same circumstances?
- twin study


Personality Differences in Identical Twins
Personality Differences in Identical Twins
What might cause the difference of personality between people who grow up in the same circumstances?
Without even consulting research, twins often end up having different personalities in spite of being genetically identical and growing up in the same household. Researchers have often marveled at how different they grow up to become and for the longest time, twin-individuality was a mystery. Researchers were deeply engrossed in research as they tried to establish how this anomaly happened. Apparently, as it turns out, what someone becomes or who a person, is dependent on their genes as well as the external environment. Genetics do play a big role in influencing a person's personality and hence the reason why identical twins often exhibit similar traits. However, the environment also has its effects, and according to Bennington-Castro (2013), the environment “can influence the way our genes are expressed.” Initially, it usually is seemingly impossible to tell identical twins apart. However, a good example of how identical twins are different is how mothers and at times close relatives are able to tell them apart.
As identical twins develop and grow beyond their childhood years, they start exhibiting certain differences in how they behave and how they respond to certain environmental triggers. Having been raised in the same environment and being genetically similar, identical twins live their early lives almost in a similar manner. However, slowly, they start developing personality differences as they start to interact and experience their e

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