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What Are The Tools Available To Assist In Diagnosis? (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you comprehend the diagnostic process as it has been presented in class. To accomplish this you will write a brief paper (2-3 pages) in which you provide responses to the following questions:
1. What are the tools available to assist in diagnosis?
2. What sources of information should you seek to aid in proper diagnostics?
3. Briefly describe the diagnostic process?
4. Discuss how issues of diversity might impact diagnostics?
5. Discuss the processes of identifying co-morbid conditions, their impact, and reflection in the diagnostic process?
6. Discuss the diagnostic consultation processes when unclear.
As this will be a scholarly product, it is expected to adhere to graduate APA standards.
Information from other sources should be appropriately cited, and APA styling manuals should
be followed. For details, please review the grading rubric on the following page.


Psychopathology and Diagnosis
Institutional affiliation
Psychopathology and Diagnosis
What are the tools available to assist in diagnosis?
Mental health screening tools are essential in the diagnosis process. Using mental health screening tools presents a quick and easy approach to determine if the patient is experiencing a mental health condition (Mental Health America, 2018). Often, the conditions experienced in the primary health care sector can be managed effectively by general practitioners using these tools. For each mental condition, there are diagnostic and management guidelines that are evidence-based and follow best-practice. Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are common and can be treated with high chances of recovery. These tools include (Mental Health America, 2018):
Depression test
Anxiety test
Bipolar test
Psychosis test
Eating disorder test
PTSD test
Parent test
Youth test
Alcohol and substance use test
What sources of information should you seek to aid in proper diagnostics?
Effective diagnosis of mental disorders requires using information from various sources to aid in the appropriate transition to treatment. The information can be gathered from patients

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