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Psychology: The Colorful Story Of My Grandmother (Research Paper Sample)


You will conduct the Life Story Interview with the oldest person that you know. The interview questions and procedure can be found in the document. You are expected to write up the results of the interview and provide additional commentary, reflection, analysis, and interpretation of the interview. The resulting document should be at least 8 pages (not including any headers or titles), and be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, and in 12-point Times New Roman font.


The story of my life is colorful. I was born into a humble family with just a limited source of socio-economic lifestyle. Both parents are already retired, so we have a little income opportunity that is considered as a challenge. As a person, having a family with a limited income is a serious challenge. This is an inspirational way to think about how I can become more productive. The chosen individual for the interview is my grandmother, which is the mother of my mum. She is already at the age of 65 and is happy to reach this age. She is the oldest person that I know because she is the closest person in my heart that reached this age. My grandmother knows me very well, which is why I chose her to be the subject of the interview as for a therapy.
A. Life Chapter
As for the background, Vanessa is now living her retired life in Canada. She is now going back and forth here in the United States as part of her routine trip to ensure that her basic services are regularly rendered by the government. She was a retired employee of a hospitality industry company in Canada before she filed for a retirement. At her age, she is now under the care of my aunts whom she has been meticulously provided with proper basic needs. These are shelter, food, clothing, and security from environmental and unexpected hazards or threats. Even at the age of 65, she is still conversant and cooperative to any commands. This means that she is willing to participate in this short interview in partial fulfillment of the psychology subject that is also a psychological evaluation.
B. Key Scenes in the Life Story
The life chapters consist of the key scenes in the life story that plays a significant role in Vanessa. These are the high point in her life that makes her the happiest person. The low point is also indicated wherein Vanessa experienced the worst things and experiences such as becoming a professional. The turning point is another exciting issue wherein Vanessa experienced something that changed her life drastically such as being betrayed by friends and co-workers. A positive childhood memory is also applied to Vanessa, which explains about her most memorable childhood that made her happy such as being with her family and going out. This is also applied to the negative childhood memory that produced several traumatic incidents during her childhood such as bullying at school.
As for the vivid adult memory, this was when Vanessa went working overseas to start reaching her dream as a successful nurse in another country. This is a scene that has been a significant milestone to her professional and personal memory, making her very proud of herself for accomplishing such goals in her life. As for the wisdom event, the professionalism has been playing an important role that made her successful. As a nurse, her professional expertise makes her as a successful woman with respect and dignity to her professional practice. Vanessa is Catholic but she is not that fully devoted to heavily practice her religion. Although Vanessa does not mind going to church and pay respect to the Lord while asking for either forgiveness or something that will make her feel thankful for the blessings that she has.
C. Future Script
As for the next chapter, Vanessa indicated that she sees herself enjoying the calm waters of tropical paradise islands. This means that she will be retiring as an expat to some tropical country wherein she will start her own business and they will stay there for the rest of her life. Vanessa is already getting old and tired of her professional life as a nurse. This is the time for her to enjoy her life until reaching the senescence stage. Vanessa plans to migrate to a certain tropical country where English is widely practiced so that she ca...

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