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Ethical Case Study of Monsanto Company. Monsanto Ethical Dilemma. Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


My topic is Monsanto (agriculture company).
Ethical Dilemma Research Paper (50 points): Students will research an unethical case dilemma or issue in the context of managerial ethics that the student finds interesting. This assignment requires discussing the persons or companies involved in the issue, the effects that the issue had on all the stakeholder groups and what was the outcome of the issue. The paper must be in APA format with a minimum of 3 references used. Make sure to use citations within the paper to support what you found. If you do not use citations the paper will be given a 0 for a score. Be careful about plagiarism as it is not acceptable! This is not an opinion paper so using first person writing is not acceptable so (do not use I, my, or me) when writing a research paper. This will be result in a 15-point deduction. The paper should include a cover page and a separate reference page. It should be a minimum of 3 pages and not more than 5 pages in length (assesses SLOs 2-5). Use headings to provide paper flow. You can choose a topic in the research topics sheet located in the course materials section or find one on your own. Please see the final page of this syllabus for details regarding how this assignment will be graded.


Ethical Case Study of Monsanto Company
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June 19, 2020
Understanding ethical issues in an organization is an essential skill for any business manager. It allows him not only to respond to different contingencies but also to be able to set rules and guidelines that would set his organization on the path of efficiency and goodwill. Accordingly, one of the best ways to understand these issues is by looking at previous ethical issues. Thus, this article would focus on an analysis of the Monsanto agricultural company, which has been engaged in controversial acts such as crop modification, local farmer harassment, and toxic chemical production. This analysis would be based on the company’s past actions as well as its effects on the different stakeholders involved. All in all, the author believes that establishing a steadfast ethical culture that would guide its actions would further improve its capacity to make sustainable decisions while balancing its inherent need for profit.

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