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Group Dynamics And Teams Mod 2 Management (Research Paper Sample)


We will continue our experiential approach to the study of Organizational Behavior by engaging in a personal applied case on the topic of group dynamics and teams. As in Module 1, use the following outline to structure your 4- to 6-page paper. You may use the subtitles as headings for your paper.Introduction: Discuss the topic of the paper and how you will approach it. It is best to write this section after you have written the rest of the paper.Concrete Experience: Begin with a specific situation/event. Describe an experience with a group or team that was meaningful to you. It may have been an extraordinarily good experience – or it may have been an experience that did not work out very well at all! The important point is that it should be an experience which you would like to understand better. Be objective and focus on just the facts: who, what, where, when, and how – as if you were composing a newspaper article.Reflective Observation: Reflect upon that experience from multiple perspectives of persons involved or affected in the experience. Step back from the situation, look at the experience from your own viewpoint, and from the perspective of all other parties involved or affected. You want to look at the circumstances surrounding the experience from every relevant point of view. Why did you behave the way that you did? Why did others behave the way that they did? Did others have the same positive (or negative) experience? Explain. (Note: your discussion of theories and models from your module materials belongs in the following section.)


Group Dynamics and Teams MOD 2 management
Power dynamics, communication and conflict resolution, are some of the issues at effect how workgroups or teams function. Group members can achieve meaningful experiences and when people work together, they ought to collaborate, and can communicate. For teamwork to be effectively maximizing the effectiveness of communication is required since team members participate and need to be updated in an environment where there is transparency and accountability. When teamwork creates synergy, and there is mutual trust the team members work as part of a team and not merely individuals as they share information, responsibilities and cooperate (Herdman, Yang & Arthur, 2017). The experience of being part of a work team, reflection, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation all highlight the importance of teamwork.
Concrete Experience
I worked for three months small manufacturing company in 2018 where there was a focus on increasing productivity and competitiveness, and there was a different group made composed of 5 to 7 members working to ensure this was a success. Despite the company serving a loyal and diverse customer base, there was a need to improve performance, and the teams worked together, and new members were involved when previously only a few teams existed. The full time employed employees were the ones, who mainly took charge having previously worked in smaller teams, but the temporary workers were not excluded in contributing and this fostered mutual trust. I was in the sales and marketing section and when we had to come up with ways to improve brand awareness and marketing. As the team members were working with a common objective, this made it easier to strategize and identify the most effective approaches to improve outcomes.
Reflective Observation
The team members shared experiences, exchanged opinions and ideas about the activities. Teamwork necessarily requires a good organization and a clear approach on what is to be achieved. The coordinators played significant roles in the team, by ensuring that everything ran smoothly as expected. It was apparent in the initial meetings that failed to make clear expectations frustrated efforts to achieve teamwork, and the groups would face difficulties achieving anything. I sought to understand the perspective of the people to know more about the views and support defining the objectives clearly. Without this, it would have been more difficult to ensure there is mutual support. However, there were those reluctant to participate in the teams arguing that the teams sometimes did not add value. Despite selecting the team leader and coordinator, there was one person who wanted to overrule others and did not take into consideration the team leader’s perspective and input as he was uncooperative
The force field model is relevant in group and teamwork where decisions and there is an evaluation of

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