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Organizational Change: Economic Recession For Organization (Research Paper Sample)


Option #1: Organizational Change
Organization ABC has been experiencing a number of issues, as of 2015. Though production was up, during the economic recession, the company has experienced high turnover and a loss of profits. Organizational stakeholders are very concerned about the future of the company and thus, believe that changes are needed.
For this 2-3 page paper assignment, please do the following:
1.Examine potential reasons, regardless of industry, why turnover rates and profitability losses occur. Identify these reasons using scholarly and industry research.
2.Identify two challenges, in the organization, which might require managed change.
3.Determine the levels in the organization that might be impacted by the managed changes.
4.Identify two or more potential and appropriate interventions that might be impacted by the managed changes.
5.Describe the expected outcomes if the interventions are successful.
Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Ensure each component of your paper is in a single Word document for submission to the Week 5 Assignments page. Support your paper with at least two scholarly sources and cite them per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find these sources.


Organizational Change
Date of submission
Organizational Change
1 Potential reasons for high turnover rates and profitability losses during the economic recession for the organization ABC
Economic recession refers a period of general economic decline which is typically accompanied by an increase in unemployment as well as the reduction in the stock market. Most companies experience an economic recession when there is an increased inflation rate, reduced costumers confidence, and reduced real wages. During the economic recession, organizations resort to retrenchment of employees as well as salaries pay-cut. Retrenchment of employees and salary pay-cut may result to high turnover rates within an organization. Profitability losses may result from low consumer confidence in purchasing. The customers may be reluctant to spend on goods and services thus leading to low sales returns. Similarly, high inflation rates may increase the production cost of commodities thus profitability losses. Finally, high economic inflation may compromise customer's purchasing power thus profitability losses.
2 Identify two challenges, in the organization, which might require managed change.
Effective management change is inevitable for the success of any organization. The organization may risk collapsing when there is no proper coordination and management of resources. One of the major challenges in an organization which may require managed change is poor human resources management (Sikka, 2015). Human resource management is crucial for the proper service delivery in an organization. However, misappropriation of limited human resource could collapse the organization. In the event of poor management of human resources, the organization may be forced to undertake prompt management change. For instance, lack of coordi...
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