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Communication Climate: Defensive Working Climate (Research Paper Sample)


Communication is the grease which makes relationships in organizations run smoothly, and by extension, directly affects the effectiveness of the organization itself. Communication climate refers to the mood or tone of interpersonal communications and determines in great part how people feel about each other and how they carry out their work activities. Thus, communication climate has a great deal of influence over the organizational climate or general atmosphere of the work environment. Read the following blog about what it is like to work in a defensive climate:

Dukes, A.J. (2012). Defensive v Supportive Climates in the Workplace.

As you can see from this blog entry, defensive climates create a situation where employees do not raise work concerns or communicate their needs. They are careful about what they say and guard their opinions. Frequently they exhibit low motivation.

Supportive climates, on the other hand, encourage employee participation and engagement, an open exchange of information, and constructive conflict. Employees who work in supportive environments often exhibit greater organizational commitment, an attitude cited as highly desirable in Module 1.  

The Communication Climate Inventory was developed as a means of measuring the degree of supportiveness and defensiveness in an organization. For this SLP, take the inventory and score your organization’s communication climate using the scale below. Take the Communication Climate Inventory.

Defensive Score

Supportive Score

SLP Assignment

Compose a 2- to 3-page blog like the one you read for this SLP, describing the climate in your organization, department, or team. Do not use the actual name of the organization – you can make up a pseudonym. Include the following in your description:

Is the climate supportive or defensive? Does this align with the results of your Communication Climate Inventory? Attach your Inventory results as an appendix. (Note: This appendix requirement will likely increase your paper’s Turnitin similarity score; your professor is aware of this.)

How does the communication climate affect motivation and organizational/team commitment?

How could you improve the communication climate in your organization, department, or team?

What communication skills would you like to learn or improve on in order to create a supportive communication climate?

Be sure to support your analysis with concepts and principles introduced in the background readings on communication as well as conflict and teams (if appropriate). You may also incorporate outside research to supplement the background material. Cite all sources properly.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the criteria on the SLP rubric (see the rubric for more detail): Assignment-Driven, Critical Thinking, Business Writing, Effective Use of Information, Citing Sources, and Timeliness.


Course Code:
Defensive working climate
Since I was hired in this organization, I have never been late. I have always been on time and in most cases I get to my workstation even an hour earlier. Our check in system records the time each employee shows up at workplace and for any lateness, there is a penalty. The manager can storm to your workstation demanding to know why you were late and ‘stealing’ time from him. However good your reason is, he would either go on to deduct a day from your leave days or deduct money from the salary. The manager is the daughter of the owner of the business and she had been running her father’s business because his father is ailing. Once in a while the father can show up at the business briefly and leave. It was not always like this but when Cindy (owner’s daughter) took charge of running the business, things went south.
The only day I showed up late was because there was a security glitch at the subway. The police had closed down one subway station and called in a bomb disarming unit to come and take a bag which was suspected to have been left by a terrorist. So, I had to alight at the next station then take a bus back to my job place. I was only 15 minutes late after working for the organization for three years and I knew even the impressive reporting time record would not save me.
Cindy had changed the way employees interacted and communicated with each other.

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