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Management Research Paper On Assess Sources of Information (Research Paper Sample)


Assess Sources of Information
This assignment will involve your assessment of different sources of information for their reliability and usefulness in addressing research problems. There are many sources of secondary information available to researchers. In what specific way can sources of secondary information be used for primary data? Imagine that your research project involved the statistical examination of the number of technical trade journals used in some specific way (in dissertations for example)? That would be primary data, wouldn't it? What are some of the sources of primary data in your area of specialization? (Engineering Management)
For this assignment, research four different sources of primary information that a researcher in your area of specialization (Engineering Management) might draw from to address research problems.
Write a paper including introduction and conclusion in which you:
1. Present the four (4) sources including a description of the data, the subject area, and for what types of research questions the information is appropriate.
2. Assess the source's information for their reliability and usefulness in addressing research problems.
3. Provide an example of a research project that would use for each source of information.
Length: 4-5 pages including introduction and conclusion.
Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.


Assess Sources of Information
A primary source of information renders direct evidence about an occurrence, individual, or an item. Primary sources of information make it possible for students and other researchers to be close to what transpired during an incident. In most cases, the sources reflect an individual viewpoint of a participant or an observer. The sources also provide information from someone who had firsthand experience with an occurrence. For instance, if an accident occurs, the description of the accident by a witness, which is rendered to police officers, is a primary source because the information comes from an individual who was present at the time of the event. There are different types of primary sources of information however in this paper, the sources to be discussed include interviews, speeches, eyewitness accounts and finally personal records.
An interview is a conversation between a participant and an interviewer where questions are asked to deduce data or information about an event, individual, or an object. In interviews, the interviewers should ensure that they are good listeners so that they can avoid missing significant information (University of Massachusetts Boston, 2016). They should also ensure that they make the participants comfortable by giving them enough time to respond to the questions they have asked and also by avoiding interruptions. Consequently, substantial information can be elicited because once participants feel comfortable; they can answer questions in detail. Some of the types of research questions that are appropriate for this type of source include descriptive and factual questions. Interviews can be used to gather information in various fields such as engineering and medicine. Interviews are important and reliable sources of information because researchers can tailor the questions they are asking the respondent to get rich stories and information they need for their project. Interviews are also reliable sources because researchers not only get to learn about various occurrences but they also get to gain insights into individual's interior experiences. An example of a project that can utilize this source of information includes ‘The characteristics of effective management and leadership skills in engineering.'
Speeches involve the information obtained from what was said or written by an individual. The individuals involved in a research access speeches that will provide information that relates to their research project (Santiago Canyon College, 2016). Examples of the fields of study that can utilize a speech as a means of collecting data include science and technology studies. Types of research questions that can be asked when speeches are being used to gather information include factual questions beca

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