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Response Paper. Agamemnon and Antigone. Literature Essay (Research Paper Sample)


The paper should be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages long. You will
need to submit your paper on Canvas before the given deadline. Required format: 12-pt Times New Roman,
double (2) interlinear space, 1” Normal margins. You also should include your first and your last name on the top ofthe first page of the paper.


Classics 1101 Introduction to Classical Literature Response Paper 2 (due Sunday October 27 by 11:59 p.m.) Topics (respond to 1) 1. Sophocles',Antigone(contains,a,number,of,famous,passages,that,both, encapsulate,the,play,and,are,much,imitated,in,later,literature.,Choosing, either&the,choral,Ode(to(Man((pp.,291=292,,lines,332=374),or&Antigone's, lament,to,her,tomb,(pp.,305=308,,lines,806=882),do,a,close,analysis,of,your, chosen,passage,in,terms,of,its,language,,imagery,,effect,,and,relationship, with,the,play,as,a,whole.,How,does,the,passage,capture,the,main,issues,of, the,play?,What,does,the,audience,learn,from,it? 2. Both,Aeschylus',Agamemnon(and,Sophocles',Antigone(feature,a,prophetic, character,,in,the,first,play,the,Trojan,priestess,Cassandra,,in,the,second,the, blind,Theban,seer,Tiresias.,Both,reveal,the,true,state,of,affairs,in,awful, situations;,both,are,(at,least,in,part),disbelieved.,Contrast,these,two,figures, in,terms,of,their,roles,,their,characters,and,their,prophecies,in,each,play., What,do,you,think,the,role,of,prophecy,in,tragedy,is?,how,does,it,work?,, 3. Both,Sophocles',Antigone(and,Euripides',Hippolytus(have,choral,songs,that, celebrate,Eros;,both,songs,are,complex,reactions,to,the,events,going,on,in, the,dramas,enacted,on,stage.,Compare,these,two,songs,(Antigone(lines,781= 800,,Hippolytus(lines,525=564),,considering,not,only,the,language,and, imagery,they,contain,,whether,shared,or,contrasting,,but,also,the,place,of, each,song,in,its,respective,tragedy. 4. The,Antigone(and,the,Hippolytus(both,represent,conflicts,of,values,and, perceptions.,,In,the,manner,of,tragedy,,neither,play,makes,a,direct,appeal,to, the,theater,audience,,yet,various,elements,of,each,play,,including,choral, song,,monodic,song,(song,sung,by,a,figure,on,the,stage),,pathetic,description,, etc.,,serve,to,sway,audience,emotion.,Choosing,one,or,more,moments,in, either,play,(or,both),,identify,the features,that,appeal,to,the,audience’s, sympathy,and,explain,how,they,do,so. 5. You,have,been,chosen,to,direct,a,new,production,of,Euripides’,tragedy, Trojan(Women.,Whom,would,you,choose,to,play,each,of,the,principle,roles, (Cassandra,,Hecuba,,Andromache,,Helen) and,why?,Where,and,when,would, you,set,the,play? To,which,scene,would,you,give,particular,emphasis,in,your, production? What,themes,or,elements,of,Euripides’ play,do,you,mean,to, emphasize,by,your,choices? 6. Euripides’ Bacchae(and,Hippolytus(are,both,plays,in,which,an,individual,tries,, unsuccessfully,,to,contend,with,a,religious,force.,How,is,this,contention, displayed,differently,in,the,two,plays?,How,is,it,similar?,In,what,ways,is,the, destruction,of,the,individual,made,sympathetic,,and,in,what,ways,not? ,,


Response Paper
Response Paper
In both plays, Agamemnon and Antigone, there are prophetic characters. Trojan Priestess Cassandra and Theban Seer Tiresias who have the abilities to foretell disgusting and unpleasant matters in the play. These two plays are critical in showing the potential implications for people who resist what the ruler dictates; most often, the people are regarded as enemies and may end up being punished. Both Cassandra and Tiresias are depicted as voices of the truth, although the people do not want to believe them. The literature examines and compares the roles, characters, and prophecies made by both Cassandra and Tiresias and also evaluates the role of prophecies in tragedy and how they work.

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