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Personal Experiences As Relate To the Employee Recruitment Process (Research Paper Sample)


A reflection paper cites your reactions, feelings, and analysis of an experience in a more personal way than in a formal research or analytical essay.
Write a two page minimum, reflection of Unit III and your personal experiences as
they relate to the employee recruitment process and the employee selection process.
Chapter 5:
Assessment Methods for Selection and Placement
Chapter 6:
Selecting Employees
Spector, P. E. (2012). Industrial and organizational psychology: Research and practice
(6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley


Personal Experiences As Relate To the Employee Recruitment Process and the Employee Selection Process
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As a student who is practicing industrial and organizational psychology, people often believe that I am a clinical psychologist (the expert who treats people suffering from mental health issues). Nevertheless, that is not the role of an I/O psychologist. Although, the field of industrial and organizational psychologist is new to some individuals, even to people in the HR field, it performs a vital function in hiring, selection, and development of employees for an organization. I have been focusing on the practices of predicting, defining and guiding human behavior in a workplace context. My role is not to treat mental health issues at workplace, but to respond to organizational issues like how to select competent employees, how to determine the appropriate type of training for particular roles, and how to determine the causes of turnover and ways to minimize it.
As a student, I have been working as an intern for a local organization. In such a workplace environment, I have been working in areas dealing with selection, placement and training of employees. In addition, I have been dealing with issues such as developing both employee motivation and job satisfaction (Spector, 2012). In the organization, I have experienced cases of recruiters performing unstructured interviews; scenarios I saw produced inconsistent and inaccurate outcomes. I have also witnessed cases whereby not having appropriate process and tools for hiring gave recruiters a poor idea of what determines a candidate to be a good employee, and finally leading the recruiters to select the wrong candidate.
I have experience in using new sophisticated selection tools like assessments which assess work-relevant competencies based on industrial and organizational research. I applied my knowledge in helping the HR team of...
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