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Why Is Friendship Important For Our Well Being (Research Paper Sample)


"What is friendship?"
Focus on the central themes of the question or problem you are working on
(1) the question at issue;
(2) why we should care about the question at issue;
(3) what you discovered in your research;
(4) how the whole thing relates to the theme of “Philosophy and Literature in Western Culture,” as well as to any texts used in the course, including films, music, and books;
You may want to consider summarizing the questions, answers, and/or conclusions with a bulleted list.


Humans are social creatures; therefore social interaction has significant influence in their lives. This explains why humans strive to form social bonds. Human interaction is a not only a necessity for survival, developing friendship is essential to the successful well being of humans. Based on this argument, this research paper aims at answering the question what is friendship and why is friendship important for our well being?
The word friendship does not have a defined terminology, friendship is defined based on our own conception, but according to Webster Dictionary, friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people (Stevenson & Lawthom, 2017). Human are social creatures, therefore, humans inherently feel the need for connection and belonging. It makes sense when we people want to belong to a group of people where we feel the sense of belonging and connection in order to improve our well being (Stevenson & Lawthom, 2017).
Although people tend to overlook the importance of friendship, friendship matters. Friendship and its impact on topics like school bullying and social network make the idea of friendship an important issue for discussion. Several research studies associate friendship with both mental and physical health, this research paper is important because it analyzes what friendship entails and how friendship impact on our well being.
After reviewing the specific literature on friendship, my research result reveals that many medical experts recommend friendship as one of the remedies of stress. Research studies show that relationship serves as a buffer during tough times. Psychologists emphasize on the importance of social networks as a way of forming friendship because these networks affect our health. Psychologists believe that mutual friendship matters (Furman & Rose, 2015).
One of the recent research studies conducted within subgroups of people with various personalities including outgoing and introverts. The researchers compared their behavior from weekday to weekends to assess the impact of friendship and individual benefits (Easterbrook & Vignoles, 2015). According to the study results, social time has significant benefits. The study results confirm that social time can significantly reduce the chance of stress. Social time of more than six hours increases our well-being by minimizing stress and worry (Easterbrook & Vignoles, 2015).
In a survey conducted by Gallup reveals the implication of frie

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