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Best Management Practices (Research Paper Sample)

How can a person be a successful manager? Please give more details and clarification about what strategies should be followed to achieve that level? what type of education, experience, talent, and skills should be obtained in order to be top performer, supporter, teacher, and trainer in your field ? what does it take to be a role model coach for others? source..
Research paper on Best Management Practices
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Table of content
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Table of content PAGEREF _Toc306798523 \h 2
Abstract PAGEREF _Toc306798524 \h 3
Introduction PAGEREF _Toc306798525 \h 3
Statement problem PAGEREF _Toc306798526 \h 4
Research questions PAGEREF _Toc306798527 \h 5
Objectives of the research PAGEREF _Toc306798528 \h 5
Thesis statement PAGEREF _Toc306798529 \h 5
Literature review PAGEREF _Toc306798530 \h 5
Methodology PAGEREF _Toc306798531 \h 6
Limitations PAGEREF _Toc306798532 \h 7
Findings PAGEREF _Toc306798533 \h 7
Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc306798534 \h 12
Reference PAGEREF _Toc306798535 \h 14
Appendix 1 PAGEREF _Toc306798536 \h 15
Appendix 2 PAGEREF _Toc306798537 \h 16
There is somewhere in everybody`s life that one need to make decisions. This makes everybody a manager in one way or another. This research is going to bring out the tips of becoming a good manager in business. It will also bring out the aspect of a good role model. Another thing that will be brought out in this research is how your area of study will help one become a good manager.
Everyone wants to be a manager in his or her area of study someday. It is the dream of most people if not all to become the boss of one`s own business someday. This if accomplished one has to have the best managerial skills in order to make one`s business thrive. This is the reason why the researcher is writing this research paper to bring out the strategies, tips to be followed in order for one to become a good manager, how to become a good role model a fact which goes hand in hand with good managerial behavior.
Kotter (1996) defines management as processes which keep people and technology running smoothly no matter how complicated they are. While a manager according to Reh (2008) is the person who plans, directs, monitors the work of a group of individuals, and taking necessary action when needed.
Statement problem
In order for a business to run smoothly, there has to be a manager managing it. This research will bring out the aspect of a good manager in order for a business to run well. There are those qualities that a manager should have so that he above can be accomplished and this will be brought out well in this research.
Best management skills are expected in every manager no matter his or her area of study. Remember that one is in business to put into practice what he or she acquired in his or her area of study. This is why this research will help bring out the strategies that are to be followed in order for one to be able to do well in business.
A manager should be a good role model. His deeds should be those that when someone looks at them they desire to emulate them. This helps those emulating them have positive feedback in all that they do. It also leads to your employees giving you the respect that you deserve. Silverman (2008) points out that a good role model should always if not always make positive choices this makes him/her a credible role model.
Not all managers that are good role models. Some people are adored due to their negative deeds. This lead to these role models having a negative impact on those people who are emulating them. It also leads to lack of respect by your employees. When there is no respect between the boss and the subject, it leads to work being done badly thus producing negative results. This research will bring out the steps to be followed by managers in order for them to have that positive aspect to his/her employees and also to those who are aspiring to become managers in the future.
Research questions
1 How can a person become a good manager?
2 What are the strategies used for one to become a good manager?
3 How can one ...
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