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Relationship between marital health and physical well-being (Research Paper Sample)

Instructions from the course work: Papers are to be a minimum of ten pages, not including abstract, reference page, or title page. Students will follow APA format throughout. Papers are to be typed and double-spaced, using #12 Times New Roman font. A minimum of six (6) professional references should be utilized, in addition to the class texts and/or the Bible. Emphasize QUALITY before quantity. Remove verbiage that is really only “fluff”! Students are to create their own title for the paper and use their own presentation style. Papers will be graded on the basis of clarity, flow, use of resources, interpretations and conclusions. Students are expected to use citations liberally. source..
Running head: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MARITAL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL WELL-BEING Relationship between Marital Health and Physical Well-Being Name: University: Student Number: Date: Relationship between marital health and physical well-being Introduction Marriage is an institution that attracts many research studies in the world. There are various issues that surround the marital relationships in the society. Marriage is associated with several behaviors, and many couples portray certain characteristics that are not common in the single or divorced people in the society. The family, formed by married people, is the fundamental unit of a community. Thus, the behavioral patterns demonstrated by married couples are of primary importance to the social fabric that exists in a society. Hence, the society can be judged using the characteristics that are shown by the married people. Marriage, for example is associated with the physical and psychological experiences of the partners. This paper explores the core relationship between marriage and the physical well-being of people who are married. Marriage can be credited with the physical and mental well-being of the individuals who are married (Bird & Rieker, 2008). There exists overwhelming evidence that married adults are more comfortable and healthier than their unmarried friends, who face many health problems (Bird & Rieker, 2008). The adults who have never married and the divorced or the widowed are believed to experience riskier health problems in their lives than adults who are living marriage life in the world (Bird & Rieker, 2008). However, this trend has been said to vary according to the ages of the singles, the divorced and the widowed. For example, those who are widowed and are older are less likely to face acute health problems than their younger mates (Bird & Rieker, 2008). The married adults experience several advantageous lifestyles in terms of economic, social and physical support in the society (Bird & Rieker, 2008). Married people have emerged to be the category of people in the society who are least affected by disabilities and chronic conditions (Beach, 2006). This is because they receive invaluable support from their partners whenever they fall sick. These chronic disease conditions have been confirmed to be higher in the adults who are divorced, widowed and single respectively, according to the United States health data (Beach, 2006). Thus, the married people are better placed health wise than their unmarried fellows in the society. This can be attributed to the fact that married people have better healthcare policies, and they tend to make sound healthcare decisions than the divorced and the single people. Married people are conscious on the issues of healthcare, since they may be driven by the desire to care for one another in their families, a force that lacks in those who are not married. The marriage institution is associated with improved physical health in terms of nutritional values (Wood, Goesling & Avellar, 2007). Couples can develop good eating habits, which reduces the risks of suffering nutritional related deficiencies. Most married adults are associated with improved economic status, which enables them to budget adequately for food substances in their homes. Partners can encourage each other to follow desirable eating habits in their lives, something that adds up to good health (Wood, Goesling & Avellar, 2007). It is common for married people to help each other take exercises, which improves the health conditions of individuals. By doing this, married people rarely suffer from dietary problems or the nutrition problems (Wood, Goesling & Avellar, 2007). Regular exercise is important for the human body to develop properly, and it is essential in eliminating stress and depressions in people. Thus, married people are healthier than the unmarrie...
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