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The Effect Of Carring A Hand Gun (Essay Sample)

I need a cause & effect essay and it has to be in a 3rd person point of view no 1st or 2nd. I need to have 2 people's names in the paper as if I interviewed them. For the works cited, I need the 2 peoples names and date I interviewed them. The 2 names for the works cited must be on a separate page centered. source..
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Nothing can equal the Joy of living in a happy home. This is the unspoken wish of every child who comes into the world. Yet many a home is only a house where the biting winds outside are more than matched by the cold criticisms that reign within. There is no more uncomfortable place to live than in a house where people are always miserable and unhappy.People get married hoping for only the best out of marriages. Little do they know that there marriage is not a bed of roses. Divorce has been observed to be a major occurrence in families in several parts of the world. Attempts have been made to find out the causes of this multifaceted social ill. There are three main causes divorce, including changing womens roles, stress in modern living and intolerance of social pressures
An interview was conducted on John, a man who had divorced his wife, and Jean who had divorced her husband. John explained that stress in modern living especially socioeconomic, money, is a prime cause of divorce.”Extravagance is not inborn rather habitual and with time it becomes part of ones nature” John exclaims. Besides, John explains that spending upto $ 2000 dollars in a week is not only unexplainable but also ununderstandable. John as such opted for parting ways rather than turning the house into a castle of squabbles.
According to John, decision making in marriage should be consultative. As such where a woman opts to be independent in thinking she opts for divorced life. John blames ...
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