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Men want commitment and marriage more than women (Essay Sample)

Choose only one of the three following statements on which to base your paper: 1. I would be very upset if the person I have been dating exclusively for two months does not update their Facebook status to “in a relationship with me”. 2. I believe that I have one soul mate that I am destined to meet and be with for my whole life. 3. I think that men want commitment and marriage more than women. i need the paper by Monday. And about the source, i will put them in the essay later source..
Men want commitment and marriage more than women
I disagree that men want commitment and marriage more than women
In the contemporary world, women want commitments and marriage than men. Women are in most cases ready to commit and get married than their male counterparts. Men, unlike women, do not want serious commitments and marriage. Most men enjoy being in relationships that have the least commitment and are less concerned about marriage compared to women. There are various reasons why men are less interested in commitment and marriage compared to women. Different men have different reasons for not wanting to engage in commitments and marriage, but there are some reasons that are common in most of these men. Some of the reasons why men are less likely to want commitment and marriage are discussed below.
One reason why women want commitment and marriage more than men is because men are afraid to lose their independence and freedom. A common believe among most men who do not want commitments and marriage is that by doing so, they will lose their freedom. Most men enjoy their freedom and like being able to make their independent decisions concerning various issues in their lives and hate the idea of being tied down (Peterson, 2011). They enjoy partying with their friends until late and not having to explain where they have been to anyone thus they view marriage and commitments as hindrances to all the freedom and enjoyment. Most men love their space, and like being in a place where they can do whatever they please. Most of them like living by their own rules without having somebody to always remind them how things should be done. For example, most men like to leave their dirty socks lying on the floor. If they commit, they are afraid that all this freedom will go away, and they cannot continue being dirty and messy. When in a commitment or marriage for that matter, men will be expected to be home early and be ‘Mr. Fix it’ in the house for their women. This in most cases will limit the time that a man can spend with his friends. Moreover, men are afraid that when they commit, they might lose their friends as they spend most time with their woman. When they think of the kids and all the attention they should give to them, they feel like screaming.
Fear of responsibility is also a reason why some men do not want to commit and get married. Naturally, men feel that they should be the head of the family which goes with providing for the family. Some men are not financially stable and cannot provide for a family. Some men have just enough to take care of themselves and cannot handle any additional baggage that comes with commitment and marriage. By being committed, these men feel that the wife and later the kids will depend on him. Additionally, there are many...
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