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Marriage Equality USA (Essay Sample)

1. Marriage Equality USA Answer question 3 on page 89. source..
Most readers of marriage equality in the United States reports are probably in favor of the legality of same-sex marriage and these words arouse the question on what might be the purpose of a report like this if it is not to persuade such readers. The question may sound convincing but they are well elucidated by the participation done by the LGBTI which stated that individuals who have passed the amendments has psychological stress due to the results from the ballot campaign where they develop a group of minority and major groups. The readers of marriage equality are well conversant with such existing groups and even the prop 8 but they are working very hand to eliminate the same sex marriage (Michael, 2004).
The purpose of the report on marriage equality readers seems like a sword with cutting edge since some people were supporting it and on the other side the big population was opposing this. For instance, LGBTI people were experiencing verbal abuse and this was as a result of the prop 8. The prop 8 was another group which also had on out experience of hatred from people as they were in support of same sex marriage. According to Rauch 2004, they received discrimination from people as well their families did not have peace since they were treated the same way making the LGBTI community to be under constant stress for more than six years. This community explains that they have been made a political punching bag since every party seems to point fingers to them.
Despite the fact that people thing some marriage equality readers are in support to same marriages which in this case may be the homosexual or the lesbians, most of the country parts in America are totally opposed to this action since they even threaten to kill the prop 8 supporters. In conclusion, the LGBTI and the prop 8 were not supported by many people in many counties as most of people were fired from jobs and this was been done for both sex partners and they affected most people. In this case, the readers of equ...
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