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The Changing Gender Roles is Attributed to the Changing Culture (Research Paper Sample)


Your final research paper is, in many respects, a combination of the skills that you have been developing during the course of the semester. More specifically, you will be combining the skills of cultural analysis (as developed in your review) with the research you have conducted in your annotated bibliography and presented to the class. Accordingly, your aim is twofold: 1) to develop your own argument about the topic you've selected and researched and 2) to situate that argument within a broader critical conversation.
Do keep in mind that an “argument” does not necessarily taking a stance (i.e. “I am for or against something”): arguments also interrogate, inflect, and above all explore critical problems. Oftentimes finding the right question to pose can be more valuable than offering a ready answer. That being said, you want to ensure that you have a clear, specific argument and that your paper is devoted to persuading your reader to accepting that argument. Unlike an informational research paper, which
Below are several questions to ask yourself as you compose your paper:
• What do you hope to claim in this paper? Does this claim bring something new to the table? Why would this claim be of interest to other readers? How do you hope your audience responds to your argument?
• What evidence are you using to support your claims? Why is this evidence more valuable than other forms of evidence?
• Are you making explicit the implicit assumptions that underlie your claims? Have you acknowledged other perspectives/arguments than your own?
• How do you see your argument fitting into a larger discussion about your topic and cultural analysis more broadly? Are sources in your paper used as openings for dialogue?
• Does your paper show development of an idea, perspective, or argument? Is this development logical, and does it unfold through clear transitions?
Your paper should use a minimum of 5 sources.
Finally, your paper should be a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages (not including works cited), titled, and formatted to MLA conventions
and I have already done for the 4 sources. Could you use those sources in the research paper? And the research Paper is an open topic, just need to relate to culture in some ways. May be have more documents I will upload at next weeks as soon as I get.


ENG 201
Research Paper Assignment
Xinmin Qiang
The Changing Gender Roles is Attributed to the Changing Culture
Over the past years, gender roles have been changing tremendously. The wide variation of the gender roles in the modern world cannot be clearly defined on the basis of tradition. In the olden days, there used to be a clear cut of the roles between the male and those for the female. This clear line is narrowing and diminishing slowly as the culture is changing. The change in culture could have resulted from the world increasingly becoming global. One culture is integrating with another culture thus making the change. That said a closer look at how roles of both genders have changed is discussed below.
The changing Female Roles
Traditionally, a woman was a mother and a wife. The related roles to these two titles were compassionate, caring, nurturing and supportive to the children and the husband. There are some women who have chosen to stay in this traditional aspect as they feel that they fit in. However, other ladies have chosen a different part. They have chosen to be wives and at the same time take up the roles of men.Traditionally men are believed to work and provide for the family though many details will be seen in the next subtopic.
The change women took to fit into the male and professional domain faced a lot of resistance at first, but it was later accepted. It was hard at first, for these women to be taken seriously and at times they felt like they had to take up male-body and attitude to fit in their traditional territory. To be seen as serious business people, for instance, these ladies had to groom themselves in severe business suits to outdo overt femininity. They had to take up a body language that spoke strength and a commanding face. They had to adopt an assertive language to be taken seriously by the society.
In the recent years, things have changed. The role of women has changed. The changing role of the women has come with the change of the body language. Women are being accepted more in the traditional male territory and the professional domain. The proper establishment women have in the professional and business world has made them assert themselves in these fields as individuals rather than taking up the body language of the masculine. Women are dressing up properly in a more feminine manner in the business environment. The body languages that women have possessed are softer, but that does not dispute the aspects of status and authority.
Based on their comfort zones and personality, women can choose to multitask. For instance, they can choose to be a wife, a mother and at the same time a career-minded, professional and entrepreneur. The differences in professional roles of both genders are becoming meaningless.
The Changing Male Roles
Traditionally, a man was a father, a breadwinner and a husband. To fulfill their roles they had to be stoic, in charge, responsible and strong. Across the world, a huge number of men have stayed adamant to their traditional masculine territory. However, there are those who have chosen a different path. As expected, the men who decided to take a different path and get into the female traditional territory faced a lot of friction. They were perceived by the community as being weak, and their general character faced a lot of judgments. The men who took up to getting more into child upbringing were subjected to outright stares and strange gazes. Challenges of acceptance followed men who took to jobs that were considered female traditionally such as nursing and teaching.
Just like women, the roles of men have changed in the recent years. Men are now being given paternity leaves of which they are choosing to stay home...

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