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Research Assignment Paper About Celebrity Culture (Essay Sample)


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How has the notion of the term ‘celebrity' developed into how we understand in contemporary culture and, in
your opinion, what factors have been fundamental to the proliferation of ‘Celebrity Culture'? (complete questions)
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Celebrity Culture
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Celebrity Culture
Celebrities can be defines as well-known and high profiled individuals in our society that receive recognition from a portion or the entire public. They range from musicians, models, philanthropists, and footballers among many others. Celebrities play a significant role in the society that we are living. This is because many of them are pursuing different interests hence they act as our role models as many of us envy the individuals in the limelight because of the progress that they have made in their lives and they impact that they put in the society. On the other hand, we can define culture as beliefs, norms, and practices of a certain group that is followed in their daily routine. Therefore, we can refer to celebrity culture as the manner in which celebs leads their daily lives. The celebrities dominate the media of today that gives them a better platform to market their agendas and personalities to the public. The social media is one of the best channels that are being used by various celebrities in reaching their fans. They are often used in marketing by some organization that is in need of familiarizing themselves with the public. The celebrity culture can be traced back from the western states that are the pioneers of this culture. This refers to the manner in which they dress and the ways that they present themselves to the public. This paper discusses in to detain the celebrity culture and focuses on the factors that are essential to the spread of the culture.
How we understand in Contemporary Culture
The manner in which we know the celebrity culture is based on the notion that we have on the term ‘celebrity.' Different individuals may have diverse perspectives on the world, and this may lead to different interpretations. However, many people seem to be having similar thinking regarding celebrity culture. This implies that the manner in which we perceive celebrity personalities in the society does not differ too much. When we think of celebrities, the notion that reflects on our mind is individuals leading fancy lifestyles in the communities. This is because we are used to seeing some of them in the social media with good houses and nice cars that we always envy (Gibson, 2011). In some cases, this might be different because reports have at times indicated that some of them had been declared bankrupt despite the money that we perceive that they have. Therefore, the notion of celebrity culture has been developed by the manner in which we think. In some cases, the concept of celebrity leads to the thinking of individuals who have already made it in the community. We tend to think that the poor cannot mingle together with the poor because of the status quo. This implies that the life that they are leading is entirely different from that we are living. Also, we get to understand that celebrities act as role models in the society that we are living.
Fundamental factors to the Proliferation of ‘Celebrity Culture'
Some factors influence the spread of the celebrity culture. We have defined culture in the above text as a norm or practice that is being followed by a particular group of people. In some cases, culture may differ from one group to another depending on the manner that it has been developed. Therefore, I will discuss some of the major factors that have influenced the spread of celebrity culture. Some of these factors range from the internet that has played and is playing a significant role in ensuring that the celebrity culture is spread (In Riley & McPherson, 2010). Music and fashion ar

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