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Nursing Research Paper About Organ Transplantation (Research Paper Sample)


1: describe organ transplantation
2: two primary sources of organs
1: living related donors
2: cadaver donors
3:Talk about people involved
donor, donor's family, recipient, recipient's family, society ( cost paid from tax $$; insurance premiums are higher)
4: can a child under 18 give informed consent (eg bone marrow transplant)
5: talk about uni formal anatomical gift act
6: criteria includes needs, length of time on list, potential for survival, prior transplantation, value to community, and tissue compatibility
7: what is the dilemma
8: donors family is vulnerable to psychological trauma and manipulation.
9: many states have laws requiring health care workers to talk to families of potential donors
10: speak on ethics and churches position


Organ transplantation is a medical operation in which an organ is extracted from one physique and placed into the body of a beneficiary in the aim of replacing any mutilated or missing organ. In transplantation, there are two primary sources of organs one is deceased donors who suffered internal bleeding in the course of their death hence the families of these patients tends to generously donate the organs. The other source is the living donors who voluntarily offer to donate their organs without the recipient's knowledge. The living related donors (LRD) are those donors who are related to the recipients by blood and mainly these are the parents, children or the siblings of the beneficiary. ‘‘The most important thing is to first consider the safety and productiveness of the aged living donors by finding out whether the donor is above or less than 55 years of age'',(Benzing etal, 2015).
Cadaver donors are legal organizations that donate dead bodies to be used in scientific research by medical students whereby the process mainly involves taking organs such as lungs, pancreas lungs and the heart from dead people. Prior to transplantation, the family is usually prepared financially since insurance don't cover some expenses such as travel expense in seek of treatment or some un related issues discovered during the process hence the families have to cater for the extra expenses as well as tax deductions which in most cases likely to drain them financially. A child who is under 18 cannot give informed consent since a person must be at least be 18 years of age to donate as it involves a medical procedure and the donor is entitled to give a

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