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Oral Care Intervention to Reduce Incidence of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in the Neurologic Intensive Care Unit (Research Paper Sample)

I WANT TO USE THE SAME WRITE AS MY LAST ORDER: #00012396 THIS IS A RESEARCH REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please open the following link to do the research analysis which is approved by my instructor. http://www(dot)nursingcenter(dot)com/library/JournalArticle.asp?Article_ID=838525-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prepare 1000-1250-word written analysis of a qualitative RESEARCH REPORT to determine the validity of a study, so that the value of the study findings in nursing practice can be evaluated.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The questions should be addressed in narrative sentence form. Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section The numbers and headings in the guidelines need to be used within your paper. Please follow the grading rubric and some other instructions to do the assignment, which is attached with the order. source..
Running Head: Health and Medicine Oral care involvement in trimming down pneumonia which is ventilation-associated Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction The potential study regarding oral care interference towards reduction of Pneumonia which is ventilator-associated within neurologic concentrated care unit is among the major concentration areas by nurses (Fields, 2008). Factors which steer this research type include the fact that appropriate data regarding trimming down of pneumonia which is usually ventilator-associated has not yet been obtained. There has therefore been need to actively look for suitable information regarding this area which is only obtainable through research activities (Murray, 2000). Pneumonia which is ventilator-associated may be looked upon as preventable mechanical ventilation and secondary intubation consequence. This pneumonia type develops within intubated patients 48 hours after ventilator support which is mechanical in nature. Research within this area will therefore be very essential due to the fact that it will offer suitable information regarding the most suitable prevention or even treatment ways for the purpose of substantially trimming down the various harmful outcomes associated with the disease (waltz, 2005). The study aims at propping up the argument that aspects regarding oral care, together with tooth brushing in time, and VAP bundle have the capacity to prevent and mitigate VAP occurrence. This would effectively bring about suitable improvements within nursing outcomes. Available knowledge regarding the potential study has been obtained from various studies like that of Field which offer general information regarding the infection causes and supporting factors which may be explained as follows. For instance, various harmful outcomes have been associated with patients who suffer from the disease (Murray, 2000). Patients who are mechanically ventilated within intensive care and neurologic units are usually at increased dangers of pneumonia which is ventilator-associated because of factors which include decreased consiousness levels, open and dry mouth and secretions’ micro aspiration. Prevention of the infection may be done through various interventions (Fields, 2008). These includes various practices which include head elevation of ventilated patients’ beds to thirty degrees, venous thromboembolism prevention through anticoagulation or chronological compression devices use and early mobilization initiation. Other ways include histamine blockers administration involving gastric acid, proper hand hygiene practices and sedation interruption performances every day for the purpose of neurologic status evaluation (Waltz, 2005). However, Fields did not include the aspect of oral hygiene as an intervention method and therefore there is need to find out the associa...
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