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Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients (Research Paper Sample)

You are part of a team of massage therapists, assigned to provide treatment to clients at the Edgemont Assisted Living Center who are suffering from Lupus, Leukemia, Diabetes, and Breast Cancer. Your team is to prepare a report on how to best treat clients with these diseases. You will divide responsibilities for the report among team members.Your report, on breast cancer, will cover four areas: Pathology of your assigned disease - etiology, symptoms and signs. Treatment of the disease. Guidelines for providing massage therapy to clients with such a disease. Methods for putting therapists and patients at ease. Technical Requirements of the Project: Research paper that is a minimum of 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, 11 point, with a standard font such as Arial or Times Roman. Proper mechanics (clear, concise, and complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Four sources from your research. You may use an Internet site only once. Using your textbook would be a great resource. Other Internet resources should be creditable as at a university or medical website. Please use one source from your college's Online Library. Follow APA format for the paper and for citing your sources. For APA guidelines, go to the Resources tab. source..
Massage therapy in support of patients suffering from breast cancer
Massage therapy in support of patients suffering from breast cancer
Breast cancer may be perceived as cancer whose origin is the breast tissue, usually from inner lining regarding lobules or milk ducts which channel milk to the ducts (Oqden, 2004). Sources bring to our attention that cancer whose origin is from lobules is usually regarded as lobular carcinomas whereas they type whose origin is ducts is expressed by the name ductal carcinomas. In general terms, breast has been found to be a deadly disease which threatens lives of most individuals, hence suitable treatment as well as prevention measures ought to be sought for the purpose of ensuring that the severe associated impacts are trimmed down (Finkel, 2005).
Causal factors associated with breast cancer
Various sources indicate that the various causal factors which bring about breast cancer are not clear. In accordance with the views of various doctors, breast cancer comes up when abnormal growth is initiated regarding some cells of breasts. More rapid cells’ division is experienced compared to that of healthy cells (Kaelin, 2005). Cells’ accumulation creates a tumor which may end up spreading through the breast, to other body parts or lymph nodes.
In most cases, breast cancer starts with milk-producing duct cells. This is the type perceived by doctors as ductal invasive carcinoma (Spiegel, 2000). Breast cancer initiation may also be experienced within milk glands regarded as lobules and is perceived as lobular invasive carcinoma.
Through various research activities, individuals have attempted to identify various aspects which have the capacity to augment breast cancer risks (Oqden, 2004). However, clarification has not been done regarding why some individuals exposed to the various risk factors experience breast cancer problems whereas others are not affected by the risk factors (Finkel, 2005). There is likelihood that complex interactions regarding environment and genetic make up bring about breast cancer.
In accordance with research outcomes, it is evident that among the factors which bring about breast cancer is inheritance from family generations (Kaelin, 2005). Estimations have been made by doctors that up to ten percent regarding breast cancers have been associated with gene mutations, usually passed through family generations. Various defective genes which are inherited have been identified, which have the capacity to augment breast cancer occurrence (Spiegel, 2000). These include gene 1 regarding breast cancer (BRCA1) and gene 2 regarding breast cancers (BRCA2). Other factors include reproductive and hormonal factor...
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