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Compare kidney failure rates amung pupulation, location, or races or other (Research Paper Sample)

description use graphs to compare statistics source..
Title: compare kidney failure rates among races
Kidney failure that was formerly referred to as renal insufficiency or renal failure is a medical condition where kidneys fail to sufficiently filter the poisonous or toxins and the waste products that are found in the blood. They are in two forms: acute kidney failure and the chronic kidney failure. Medical practitioners have of late seen an upward rise in the number of patients suffering from this disease. This disease affects all people irrespective of their gender, location, race, religion, cultures among others. However, empirical evidence shows that there exists some funny pattern in this disease when it comes to the race ( HYPERLINK "/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=+inauthor:%22Jacqueline+C+Morris%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=6" Jacqueline, 2010).
According to a paper that was published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: Family Inequality by Philip Cohen, race is an issue when it comes to the renal insufficiency. According to this research, whose results are tabulated below as bar graph, the percentage of the blacks and whites who at their life suffered kidney failure increases with time. Thus as one moves from the left towards the right population of those infected increases. As one moves to the right, the zip codes where the patients live becomes more populated with the blacks (Jennette, C. & Heptinstall  HYPERLINK "/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=+inauthor:%22Robert+H.+Heptinstall%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=11" R. , 2007).
The graph here shows us that in any given population, the black people are less likely to get access to nephrologists prior to their kidney failure; nevertheless, whites who are living in the same locality with a higher % of black people are less likely to than those in a more white dominated locality to see the kidney specialist.
According to Cohen therefore, an individuals socioeconomic status, and locality socioeconomic status determines a lot about renal insufficiency. The more you see a kidney specialist the lesser chances you stand of getting infected. Thus Africans due to their socioeconomic status are said to suffer higher rates of kidney failure (Cohen, 2002).
Africans Americans and Kidney Failure
The black Americans suffer kidney failure due to several factors. 39 percent of the kidney reported cases in Black Americans is as a result of diabetes while blood pressure accounts for 34%. This is diagrammatically illustrated below.
 INCLUDEPICTURE "/healthtopics/kidney/image1.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET 
On the other hand, the Whites in America who are treated for kidney failure manifest different causes as compared to the blacks. Of all those treated, 40 percent are diabetes resultant and 25 percent are from high blood pressure. This shows that, high blood pressure is a more common cause of the renal failure in the black Americans that it is with the whites. However, diabetes still remains a major cause of diabetes among the blacks. The white statistics are illustrated below:
 INCLUDEPICTURE "/healthtopics/kidney/image2.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET 
In the year 1997, the number of renal failure cases that were diagnosed was873 per million in the African Americans and 218 per million were whites. This leads to the premise that the Black Americans stands 4 times likely to develop renal...
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