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Criminal Justice: Five Questions Working On Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You helped me finish the research paper last time and it got a good grade. Thank you! The screenshots of all the requirements, topic, and the rubric for grading will be uploaded. Please strictly follow the rubric and requirements. The lecture powerpoints will be uploaded as well just to help you know what I learned before.


Find one research article related to a topic we learned about in class (e.g. policing, courts and sentencing, corrections) from any of the following journals:
Criminology fhttps://onlinelibrarv(dot)wilev(dot)com/iournal/17459125)
Justice Quarterly (https://www(dot)tandfonline(dot)com/toc/rjav20/current)
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency (https://iournals(dot)sagepub(dot)com/home/irc)
For the article that you chose, discuss the following five points:
1. What is the research question that the authors are trying to answer? Why is it important?
2. Which data source is used in this research? (e.g. official records, victimization data, self-report data, combination) What type of population is captured (e.g. gender, specific criminal justice experience)?
3. What did the authors find?
4. How does this relate to what we learned in class?
5. What did you find most interesting?
Be sure to address each point for full credit. Any sources used for reference or quoted must be cited correctly. Failure to do so is plagiarism and a violation of the University’s Code of Academic Integrity. Upload a copy of your article in your submission online.
All research articles can be accessed online through the university’s library website https://www(dot)lib(dot)umd(dot)edu/. If you are having trouble accessing an article let me know and I will help. It is your responsibility to pick and access your article to complete this assignment on time. If there is a specific paper that you would like to use for the assignment that is not in one of the above journals but you believe fits the criteria for this assignment you may email me to request approval.
The goal of this assignment is to expose you to the type of research done in criminal justice. I do NOT expect you to understand or comment on the statistical analyses used in the research.
For the above writing assignment, please follow the formatting requirements below. Points will be taken off for requirements that are not followed. Please make sure to submit your assignment on ELMS by the due date and time. If you have any questions, please send me an email.
Please submit your assignment as a Word document, and attach a copy of your article as a separate PDF file.
Use size 12 Times New Roman Font and 1” margins on all sides
Must be at least 500 words and not more than 1000
Double space the response
Include the appropriate header and file name following the instructions in the syllabus
This assignment is to be in APA format. If you cite any sources, use quotations for direct quotes and reference the source if you paraphrase then provide the citation at the bottom of the page. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.


Criminal Justice
Institutional Affiliation
Criminal Justice
The article “Risk Factors for Delinquency in Adolescent and Young Adult Females: A European Review” by Wong, Slotboom, and Bijleveld (2010) sets to enlighten the audience on the possible causes that lead to the young females to crime. According to Shader (2001), risk factors refer to the hazards, variables, or characteristics that when present in a particular person, are more likely to develop a pre-defined disorder than someone else who is selected from the general population. In this regard, the identification of people with the aforesaid risk factors is important to ascertain those at the greatest risk of causing injuries to others or to themselves in the process. It is also necessary to analyze these factors to determine the best counter-measures for those with relevant problem. The process allows for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of the most appropriate programs for the perpetrators. It is best to understand the target population to also become aware of the population at risk so that they can be alerted on time. The article by Wong and his colleagues place an in-depth focus on the risk factors that affect adolescents and young adult females while also offering limitations of the study and the areas that need further research.

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