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Privacy and Secuiry in Business Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


You will prepare a 3 page report plus a a one page summary of your research.
It is a three page paper and will require a focus so it has importance. Pick a current time frame the last year and explore 4 technology advances on how privacy and security can become a strategic priority in business and ethics. Describe from a technical view. Provide both the good and bad aspects to society.
You can use resources from Marketplace” section of Wall Street Journal, the “Business Day” section of the New York Times, the “Information Technology” section of Business Week, the “Science and Technology” section of Economist, technology-related articles in Financial Times, Fortune, etc.


Privacy and Security in Business
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Technology characterizes the operations of many organizations today. Firms have to examine the ethical and privacy concerns brought about by technological advancement before implementing them. Four technological advancements in the last one year that have called for businesses to prioritize privacy and ethical issues include AI technology, Facebook's Oracular Algorithm, Alexa-powered speakers, and microchipping employees. Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only characterizes today's technology but also that of the future. Its implementation has unforeseen negative consequences. Since the AI-powered robots make decisions on their own after they have been programmed by humans, they can cause trouble. When used in factories, they may increase the productivity, but they may widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Facebook's Oracular Algorithm enables startups to advertise their products inexpensively and effectively. Although it can raise privacy issue, the new products and services advanced by startups can increase choices for the society. Alexa-powered speakers are used by consumers for music, news, and getting information about the weather. However, the microphones in them raise privacy concerns as hackers may change how they collect information. The firm, therefore, has to take privacy and ethical issues relating to the product seriously. Finally, the practice of microchipping as used by Three Square Market raises ethical, health, and privacy issues. Although they are implanted voluntarily, other employees who may not want it may feel pressured to have them. In the case other firms implement such technologies, they may not promise to protect the privacy of their employees. These technological advancements mean that firms have to take ethical and privacy issues more seriously.
Privacy and Security in Business
Technology has become an essential part of organizations in today's business environment. While the advancement in technology can help improving business operations, it brings with itself ethical and privacy concerns. Therefore, before implementing any technology, it is important for a business to take into consideration the related ethical and privacy issues. This paper examines four technological advances in the last year. They include AI technology, Facebook's Oracular Algorithm, Alexa-powered speakers, and microchipping employees.
An aspect that characterizes advances in technology in the recent past is Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to an article in the Fortune, powerful AI technology can lead to unforeseen consequences that may raise ethical dilemmas (Vanian, 2017). While the AI-powered robots are programmed by humans to accomplish a certain goal, they make decisions on their own in order to attain the goal. These decisions that the AI-powered robots make on their own are what may cause trouble since programmers may fail to take into consideration all possible choices for them. The technologies being created that relate to AI are highly powerful, and they are changing the society. It is thus necessary that developers of AI-related technologies have an understanding of ethics

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