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Reflective Paper. Communications & Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Reflective Paper (30%)
- Due November 27, 2020 by 5pm EST.
- Your paper will be considered submitted as per the time that is shown in my inbox. Late submissions will lose 3 points (out of 30) per 24 hours and if not submitted within 10 days will be considered a 0/30.
Choose one significant current or past relationship in your life to critically reflect on(e.g. friendship, family relationship, player/coach, mentor, employer/boss, intimatepartner) in an integrated way using theory and concepts discussed in the course.In this paper you will reflect on the significance of this relationship, your motivesand goals in this relationship, comment on its strengths and limitations in terms ofinterpersonal skills and identify the benefits the relationship has or does provide to youand the other person in terms of social, emotional, professional, moral, cognitivedevelopment and well-being (whichever are most important to this relationship).You will also assess in a fair way the quality of your interpersonal communicationin this particular relationship including your personal strengths, limitations/challenges andwhat you would like to improve upon.
Choose a relationship that you feel comfortable writing about and me readingabout.
Structure of the Paper
The paper must include: o IntroductionIntroduce the relationship you are writing about, why it is important to you andwhat you will be analyzing and discussing in the paper.o Body
Provide context for the relationship including its type and how it expressesitself in your lifeAnalyze the relationship in terms of its strengths and limitationsDiscuss your motives, goals and the benefits the relationship provides youand the other party from your perceptionAssess the quality of your own participation in the relationshipDiscuss directions for improving your interpersonal communication in thisand other relationships o Conclusion Restate and summarize the ideas discussed in the paper and bring together theconnections made in the body. Highlight significant learnings and future intentions andgoals for your interpersonal communication.The paper must be between 1,500 and 1,800 words not including references.Use 12 point font.The paper must include a minimum of 6 sources (e.g. books, articles, theorists inarticlesand books, etc.) covered in the course.Include a title page, a Reference list at the end and use APA writing style. If you need tips to write and structure your paper the following guide is useful: e2010-2011_001.pdf 


Reflective Paper
Student’s Name
Reflective Paper
One of the most important people I have in my life is my friend Janice. Although we met only three years ago, our friendship has develop to a level I never thought was possible. I would say our friendship is reciprocal as we consider each other equal and I also believe there is a great deal of commitment to keep it going. We have developed a strong bond and I would like to believe it will stay strong in the long run. I consider Janice an important friend who has helped me meet my belonging and esteem needs and in this paper, I reflect on my relationship with her and how it relates to concepts covered in the course.
Janice is my best friend; at the end of the day when I am feeling down and I need someone to talk to, she is always there. As I have said above, our relationship is reciprocal since I am also there for her whenever I can. Not only do we challenge each other intellectually on different topics such as food, books, politics, and astronomy, we also share personal issues in our lives. According to Dunbar (2018), friendship is the single most important aspect affecting our happiness, well-being and health. The relationship I have with Janice has been integral in helping me fulfill my belonging and esteem needs. According to Wood (2020), belonging needs occupies the third level in Maslow’s hierarchy. 

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