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The Social, Political And Economic Impact Of Migration (Research Paper Sample)


This proposal is designed to provide an overview of your final research paper. This is an individual assignment; For your final paper, you will conduct a research study project on an issue of your interest related to transnationalism. The research paper is based on students' analytical responses to scholarly writings and other stimulus materials such as films, videos, popular pieces, etc. that we discussed/explored in class. The topics are each student's choice, as long as it deals with an issue of interest as it relates to transnational theory, research, and practices. If you’re struggling to find a topic, make sure to discuss with the teacher for guidance. This proposal is a blueprint of your final research paper, so work on it carefully.

1) Part 1: Establishing the Issue

Provide a brief summary of the transnational phenomenon you plan to study and explain why you are interested in studying this topic.

2) Part 2: Situating the phenomenon/issue  

Identify what level of transnationalism you are exploring: economic, political, or socio-cultural.  Explain how your topic fits in this specific category.

3) Part 2: Theory 

a)      Identify the major theme your topic falls in transnationalism. Rely on the major themes explored in class (e.g., globalization, migration, hybridity, postcolonialism, etc.). Explain why.

b)      Identify at least one key theory of transnationalism you plan to use to explore in your topic. Make sure to use scholarly articles to build your theoretical framework. You can rely on the in-class readings as well as additional sources. Your sources must be relevant to the topic of your study. You need at least a total of 5 sources. Cite properly in APA style. 

4) Part 3: Examples/Illustrations/Stories

Explain/Describe briefly what kind of illustrations you plan to use for your paper (e.g., personal stories/narratives, media artifacts, etc.).

5) Part 4: Concluding Thoughts

Briefly explain what you expect to learn from working on this topic and how your topic will help promote social justice and what challenges do you foresee in achieving this goal.

Assignments Guidelines

  • Your paper must be 3-5 pages double-spaced (or 1 , typed, stapled, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins all around, no extra spacing between paragraphs and headings
  •  References cited using either APA style.

Your Name
Course No.

* What are you working on? What is your topic of study?
The research will explore the social, economic and political impact of migration. Thus the selected research topic is “The social-economic impact of migration”
* Why did you decide to work on this topic/phenomenon/issue? (Personal interest)
The choice of the research topic was based on the fact that migration is a transnational phenomenon which makes it an appropriate fit for the proposed study. In addition, the topic is in line with the research proposal requirements as outlined in the course rubric. What provoked my personal interest in the topic is that we live in an era of increased globalization. Globalization has increased cross border interaction as people migrate from one nation to another in search of new opportunities. Subsequently, this phenomenon has spawned numerous challenges. Most notably, there are social-economic dynamics that have arisen as a consequent of increased cross-border migration. The researcher felt that this would be an interesting research area given the numerous challenges that have emerged as a result of this transnational phenomenon.
* What major theme does your topic relate to (globalization, migration, nationalism, etc.)?
The theme of the research topic that relates to globalization is that migration affects not only the domestic economies of the host nations but the global economy as a whole. A case example is that when people migrate from one nation to another, there are social, political and economic implications that accrue to both the nation of origin and the destination nation. This is due to the interconnection between economies of individual nations to form a global economy. The topic itself directly investigates the phenomenon of migration by examining its potential impacts. This migration is the overarching research theme that cuts across different transnational phenomena.
* What type of transnational phenomenon is it: (a) political, (b) economic, or (c) soci0-cultural?
The research topic focuses on the three transnational phenomena namely political, economic and social-cultural phenomena. The study will investigate the political impact of migration in both the originating and the destination nation. It will also explore the economic phenomenon as it will discuss the economic impact of cross-border trade to the host nation. Thirdly, it will interrogate the social-cultural phenomenon as it will probe how migration affects the social-cultural system of the host nations. Thus the research topic will examine these three transnational phenomena.
* What are some transnational key concepts/theories you are using in your topic?
The key theories that will inform the research will be the neoclassical theory, the new economic theory, the world systems theory, dual labor market theory and the network theories (Bauböck, 2006). Since the transnational phenomenon of migration is complex and multifaceted, the research will largely be guided by these four dominant migration theories.
The first dominant migration theory that will be discussed is the neoclassical theory which is predicated on the assumption that migration is triggered by diverse rational economic factors that encompass benefits and costs (Engbersen et al., 2014). Nevertheless, it presents a psychological perspective. The neoclassical theory argues that migration is largely a function of disparities in labor returns across national borders. It was the first theory ever developed to study trans

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