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Material culture (Essay Sample)

Short Answer Questions. Not an Essay. Question #1 (3-6 sentances): Think of an example of “material culture” that you use regularly in your everyday life. Discuss what it is, how you use it and the meaning/importance it has in how you live your life. You may also comment on how it affects your behavior. Question #2 (see attached document): What were some of the contradictory norms and values that Gus and Pablo learned in their environments? How do you think this affected the choices they made? What were your reactions after reading Chapter Two? source..
Material culture is an important aspect my day-to-day life. These are the physical objects, resources, and spaces that I use to make my life complete. As a physical being, material culture defines my life, from houses, to neighborhoods, to cities, schools, offices, stores, goods and products and so on. All these are examples of the physical aspects of a culture that defines and shapes my perception. One important aspect of material culture that I wish to point out is technology. I couldn`t complete this assignment for instance without technology, I also use computers and technology to keep in touch with my friends through the various networking sights for instance.
Gus was a victim of an unstable family from his childhood, his mother having been married twice so that she could be accorded legal residency in American and avoid deportation. However it is her second marriage to Salazar that extensively defined Gus` life. He was a drug dealer and the young Gus couldn`t hear his father conversations on drugs from a tender age (56). This is one misconception that he grew up in; a culture that glorifies drugs. A father is supposed to be a role model, but Salazar was selfish, unloving, and was full of immoral and bad traits. All along he was compelled by his naivety and childhood innocence that that drugs and guns were normal "business" (57). Further, he also learnt that the fortunes gotten from that business made someone esteemed and looked upon in the society. His older brother was no good either, he dropped out of sch...
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