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The questions that need to be answered in this essays are the following :\\\"What kind of accountability does Hesiod portray in terms of government leaders? What is the connection Hesiod paints between poor leaders and the fate of the community? What are the prons and cons of having \\\"tyrants\\\" in power.? What do athletes tell us abour gender relations in this period.\\\" I just want to make clear that the only source that can be used for this essays is the text \\\" THE GREEKS\\\" by Ian Morris and B. Powell and specifically only chapter 8. source..

Hesoid portrays different kinds of accountability and how they influenced various governments and their subjects during his time. According to him, accountability is answerability and the expectation of account-giving. He further states that in governance, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of being called to account for one`s actions. The kind of accountability that Hesoid portrays in terms of government leaders is the need for every government leader to wary of their actions and ensure that they are answerable to their subjects.[Morris, Ian, and Barry B Powell. Powell The Greeks: History, Culture, and Society. Oxford: Pearson Publishers, 2009.]
Leaders have a responsibility for and to the people they lead. Therefore the type of leadership exercised by the leaders can greatly impact the way the community thrives. According to Hesoid, poor leaders lead to a poor community. Most countries which have had bad/poor leadership are leaders in poverty, underdevlopment and low percapita income of the affected countries. For instance when the leadership is poor, such vices such as corruption are likely to take centre stage which can also lead to retarded development. Therefore when Hesiod explores on the effect of poor leadership, he clearly states that poor leadership leads to retarded development which has continued to affect various countries which have not had good leadership.¹ Hesoid is very categorical when it comes to the type of leadership and states that for a country to realize it full potential, it needs good leaders with good development agendas les the languish in poverty.
Tyrants also refered to as dictators have a cruel system of leadership without taking into consideration the welfare of the minority. It involves only one ruler who is fair to some citizens who also have some interests as him and usually allows only some people to vote. There are several pros and cons that characterise tyranny rule. Some of the pros include: faster passing of laws that can help the country, long term service especially for good dicators and if the dictator knows what is best for the country, he/she can be able to make the right decisions. However, this system also has some cons which can in some cases be very destructive to a society. They include: abusing privilegdes hence making the dictator do unfair things, there is a risk of making unfair laws and institution of unfair punishment over public hatred for the dictator.¹
There were several athletics events o...
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