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Marketing Campaigns (Research Paper Sample)


Please do research and give me: top 10 marketing campaigns for each customer type. - real estate –in California - fashion, shoes, repair - tech, cops, surveillance - CalFunds - Water authority note: i just want the campaigns names, dates, locations. I just want a simple search list of top marketing campaigns in those industries that i have given, I would like the names, date and location of these campaigns for example (coldwell banker real estate company did an campaign to promote its university training program that helps real estate brokers become better at theyre jobs) if you have any other questions let me know

Marketing Campaigns
Course title:

The following are the Top Ten Marketing Campaigns for Various Industries in California
Real Estate
Real Marketing Incorporation. This company which is based in California deals with giving assistance to real estate agents in management of their work. The company was established back in 2003.
Multichannel Campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to address common quarries and anxieties, which the first customers had with regard to purchase of their first estates. This campaign began in 2012.
Realtor Campaign. This campaign was purposed to offer homeowners in California marketing advice to support them in decision-making process. It was established in 2011.
The "Ripple” Campaign is purposed to facilitate selling and buying of homes by families in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The campaign was established in 2010.
Pelly Real Estate Company did an awareness campaign to popularize its services among the buyers and sellers in San Diego in 2012
Acute Home Inspections launched a web marketing campaign to assist other companies on how to use SEO in increasing their internet presence and marketing in California. The campaign was established in 2013.
Dreamctcher Marketing. The company launched a campaign to assist real estate owners and companies on how to do their marketing online.
Keller Williams Company. The owner of this company, Keller Williams launched a global marketing campaign for rebranding of his company in 2013. This was aimed at changing the general image of the company globally.
Madison Real Estate Company. This company began a state wise campaign to train homeowners on the management aspect of apartments and commercial properties in California, Arizona and Nevada.
HML Investment Group. – The purpose of HML campaign is to assist and offer lending services to property and real estate owners in Los Angeles. The campaign is a regular one that is performed regularly.
Brandbudee, LA California, 2013. Campaign to launch new women fashion collections. Available from  HYPERLINK "/shop/SarahLMeyers?ref=search_shop_redirect" \o "Up and coming fashion designer launches a new collection brandbuddee" \t "_blank" /shop/Sa...
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