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Current issues in marketing (Research Paper Sample)

The module is focused on the detailed investigation of a current issue in the world of marketing. You will all individually select an issue that interests you and develop a short briefing paper Individually identify an issue that interests you and is affecting the world of marketing The key test is… “could I have studied this issue last year?” If the answer is yes, it is probably not current enough! Prepare and submit a briefing paper that is NO LONGER than 2 sides of A4 It should cover: a clear outline of what the issue is the key points that support why you believe it is an issue that the marketing industry should debate In order to achieve a pass grade, you need to: demonstrate use of secondary research utilise relevant marketing theories actively contribute to the presentation and report submit a management style report achieve satisfactory registered attendance Bibliography Reading Journals: Available online via UNL electronic information resources for business using the Emerald database MIP: Marketing Intelligence Planning JPBM: Journal of Product and Brand Management JMP: Journal of Marketing Practise JMC: Journal of Marketing Communications EJM: European Journal of Marketing HBR: Harvard Business Review Magazines: Available in the London Metropolitan University Learning Centres and all good newsagents Marketing Marketing Week Campaign PR Week Marketing Direct Reports: The following report databases give both good market and company information and are also available via the London Metropolitan University electronic information resources for business Mintel Market Intelligence KeyNotes Newspapers: Financial Times Wall Street Journal Europe The Times The Guardian The Independent Daily Telegraph All of these newspapers have frequent comment and analysis of marketing issues and practice Websites: http://www(dot)cim(dot)co(dot)uk Chartered Institute of Marketing http://www(dot)haynet(dot)co(dot)uk Marketing stable of magazines www(dot)ipa(dot)co(dot)uk Institute of Practitioners in Advertising source..

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(2 March 2011)
Current Issues in Marketing
One of the interesting recent issues in advertisement to children is the development of a ‘tween’ market. The ages of children considered to be in this market range between 8 years and 12 years. These are neither little children nor teenagers. It is in this age bracket that children begin to have a sense of identity and self-image. Marketers have realized that by treating children falling in this age bracket like teenagers, they are likely to sell more products (Parsons, & Maclaran, 2009). From this realization, the marketing industry has come up with a strategy that is influencing the tweens to grow rapidly. Children, especially those above 11 years do not think of themselves as kids anymore. In order to sell more of their products, companies that manufacture and market toy products have changed their target market (Smeds, & Kaila, 1989; Kurtz, 2009). All along, they targeted children from birth up to 14 years of age. Today they target those children from birth to 10 years.
Marketers have effectively distant parents of these children from the picture by treating tweens as mature and independent consumers (Media Awareness Network, 2010). Thus, they have successfully passed massages about body image, relationships and sexuality to children. Companies understand that tweens have insecurities ands self doubts thus they capitalize in these and make the children believe that they must buy their products in order to be cool. Marketers have influenced the mind of tweens such that they can continuously sell their products to them. The strategy they use is to infiltrate cool hunters in the world of teens so that they can re- introduce the latest trends (Catterall, et al. 2000). Once they identify one, they repackage it and sell it. Once sold, the product is no longer a new trend hence the tweens will turn to something new. The entire process begins all over again. The marketers have thus discovered that they can package the attitudes and activities of the tweens and sell to them (Media Awareness Network, 2010).
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