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Choose And Describe A Real Or Fictitious Business (Research Paper Sample)


Choose and describe a real or fictitious business. Explain the product or service that you are providing and discuss your target market.
•Identify and explain key aspects of entrepreneurship in relation to the business. .
Information and Technology
What types of information does the business need?
How will you track the information? What technology will you need? -
Briefly explain the operational aspects that enable you to profitably deliver your product or service to your customers.
Human resources
How will you address your human resource needs?
How will you train, compensate, and motivate your workers?
How will you secure financing to start your business?
How will you manage your finances? .
Discuss your marketing message.
How will you develop your brand?
What marketing tactics will you use? .
General administration
How will you provide overall administrative guidance and leadership for the success of your business?


Sunrise Beverages Business Plan
Author Name
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I have always been fascinated by the way Starbucks Corporation does the business. It is a famous American coffeehouse chain with more than 25,000 locations worldwide. I wanted to establish a similar kind of business, so I laid the foundation of Sunrise Beverages two years ago, in 2017. The company currently has its stores in over 20 cities of the United States. Our target market is the people who want to have delicious coffees and snacks at affordable prices. We have never thought of targeting people of a specific religion, caste or age. Instead, Sunrise Beverages manufactures and sells instant coffee such as VIA, café latte, espresso, black tea, green tea, and soft drinks to everyone who visits the store. A large number of fresh juices such as mango juice and orange juice are also provided to our clients. In addition, pastries and snack foods like chips and crackers remain available along with ice cream, bottled cold coffee, chicken sandwiches, and other similar products. Sunrise Beverages may not be as famous and extensive as is Starbucks Corporation
Key Aspects of Entrepreneurship in Relation to the Business
The first key aspect of entrepreneurship is passion. It is important to be passionate about what we do, and this is our passion that gained the business (Sunrise Beverages) success and reputation in a matter of months. The second key aspect is the culture. It is important to think about the culture of a business in order to ensure long term and short term success. We wrote down the basics of cultural environment on a plain paper and allowed those ideas to become the core values. These values then acted as a recruiting tool as we added new members to the team. At Sunrise Beverages, we believe that excuses are a justification for failure and that there should not be any room for excuses. When I hired a few employees in the beginning, I did not want to why they could not accomplish certain tasks or why they failed to meet the deadline.
The Types of Information Sunrise Beverages Needs
Sales data is the lifeblood of any company, whether it is a startup or an established one. Detailed sales information is always required in order to be clear about the number of sales done in a week or month, distribution channels and margins. In addition, financial information is always needed by

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