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Environmental Issues: Problems Between USA and China (Research Paper Sample)


Topic is environmental Issues. I mainly want to write the problem between USA and China. You can write on several points, earthquake, flood, send storm, etc.
Its all about the natural disasters that happens in both country. Then you can write about the reason that causes this. Also, write about the environmental difference on both country and why.
Two country has a certain gap between on the environment, what causes this. The entire paper should manly write based on contrast and compare. This essay is all about China and USA. Both but not one. How the government and citizens did for improving the environment.
Does not have a specific requirement, these are the decisions that made after my consideration, I will rely on the writer on more points to write or the formatting. The last is the working bibliography.
Totally need 14 sources, at least 9 of which must be books or essays in books, and academic journals--use at least 3 peer-reviews essays in academic journals. Double-spaced.


Environmental Issues
Environmental Issues
The growing concern and people's sensitivity to their environment, in China and the United States, forces the two governments to set up initiatives aimed at curbing or rather reducing the rate at which their economic activities pollute the environment. However, there exists some disparities in the efforts or steps taken by each country with China lagging behind due to its prior reservations about addressing its environmental issues until it became apparent the imminent danger and fatalities related to the ecological imbalances created by their activities. Public outcry from both countries and the commendable government initiative to address these challenges have come at an opportune time when the world faces the crisis of climate change which already proves its destructive capability to the human being's survival. It is the human economic activities of both countries that are to blame for the massive gas emissions affecting the atmosphere and leading to climate change. The destructive nature of climate change reflects in the rampant occurrence of earthquakes in both countries that may be triggered through their mining activities, sandstorms, droughts and famine. Climate change has the adverse effect of rising the sea levels leading to unprecedented and catastrophic hurricanes and typhoons which claimed thousands of lives over the recent years and displaced millions from their homes. Hence it is of utmost importance to have a critical analysis of the environmental issues in China and the United States by mirroring disastrous nature of their impacts while highlighting their differences and both governments response to the challenges as well as their citizens' initiative in averting the looming environmental crisis.
The world leading economies, China and the United States of America, enjoy their various economic achievements through their investments in industrialization. Since the beginning of agricultural and industrial revolutions, the two countries have made major strides in the respective fields as both endeavor to make economic progress and improve the livelihoods of its citizens. As a result, citizens of the United States enjoy some of the best life practices that people in other nations cannot afford and always try to emulate the developed country's initiatives in the attempt to impact social, economic, and political change. On the other hand, China through its progressive and continuous industrial revolution gradually climbed up the ladder beating other Western countries to become an economic powerhouse whose influence and presence in the manufacturing industry spreads across the globe. The tremendous achievements in the industrial sector leads to major life improvements for both countries through the creation of employment opportunities for their citizens and thus reducing poverty. Nevertheless, the positive changes witnessed by both nations have come at the costly price of environmental degradation which bring hazardous repercussions to their ecological balance. The economic activities in China and the United States cause major shifts in the ecological balance much to the distraught of not only their populations but also to the entire universe. Additionally, the ever-rising energy demands to keep the economic wheel of industrialization serve to further perpetuate the worsening conditions that is already shifting the climatic system. The two nations lead in contribution to the deterioration of the global environment and as such they at the receiving end of both the domestic and international citizens to reduce adverse impacts of their economic activities to the environment by seeking environment-friendly alternatives to their production or manufacturing methods.

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