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Decision For My Family: Impending Hurricane (Essay Sample)


Case Study: You are a family of four, married with two children. You live on the water in Lindenhurst, LI. Moved in earlier this year. It is now late August and you have received word of an impending Hurricane. It is Monday and the storm will arrive on Thursday. Authorities have been unsure as to whether or not LI will receive a direct hit or a glancing blow. Authorities have recommended but not mandated early evacuation.
You want to stay as long as possible … how do you decide if and when to leave?
1. What criteria would you utilize to develop an idea on the seriousness of the situation for the evacuation decision?
2. Additionally … what resources are available for you to make an informed decision?
3. This should be tied into some quantitative method of assessment … and you need to develop an assessment model?
Above is the project … respond to 1-3 and provide how you would approach this decision making process in a real life scenario.


Instructor's Name
Decision Making
Hurricane has been disastrous in the past years. Currently, the mortality rate and economic vulnerability of people to hurricanes have reduced. The decrease in susceptibility has been achieved because of scientific advancement that has made it easier for hurricanes predication. The meteorologists have used this scientific advancement to give warnings to people living in areas likely to experience hurricanes. People have to make decisions based on the predictions to either evacuate or stay put in their residences.
Evacuation is costly. For example, in a family of four, it is expensive to move the whole family to another safer location, the children may fall sick due to weather changes and also, the time left after the warning is short to evacuate a family. Therefore, if I am to move, I must evaluate the situation to know whether it is severe or not. The criteria used in determining whether the condition is serious or not can depend on whether the area is vulnerable to floods and high winds

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