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Racial Discrimination: How Do We Face Racism? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I choose the topic about forms of discrimination: Racism So, Please find some sources to prove it. Mark the URL to write a note for 5 articles. Design a question and a sentence based on racial discrimination. Then find 5 articles. Prove that the answer to write the specific format of the notes are on the uploaded paper


Institutional Affiliation
Course Title
Racial Discrimination
Question: How do we face racism?
Answer: We can address the issue of racism by developing strategies in multicultural teaching in universities, widely condemning the practice through publications and engaging in social movements that will attempt to culminate the racial discrimination.
Annotated Bibliography
Smith, Laura, et al. "White professors teaching about racism: Challenges and rewards." The Counseling Psychologist 45.5 (2017): 651-668.
Smith et al. note that there are complexities involved in multicultural teaching and highlighting on white professors teaching about racism is essential content as it relates to many personal experiences. There are challenges that white professors must expect to face when taking active roles when offering multicultural training or race-related social justice. Sometimes, white professors may find themselves reflecting deeply when teaching about multicultural since the professors responsibility to respond efficiently and competently. White professors have been provided with areas for aspiration to help them plan for teaching multicultural classes.
This paper offers a unique view: counseling psychologists contemplating about the various challenges involved in competent multicultural teaching and training. It is important to note that this article provides readers with the perspective of white professors teaching multicultural classes. This article is a credible source that is important when discussing how we face racism because Smith et al. are qualified professionals. Most importantly, Smith works at the department of counseling and clinical psychological Columbia University, teachers college. Additionally, The Counseling Psychologist is a reputable publishing company, and the information in the article is current. The article features ways in which teachers can develop antiracist identities when teaching. Thus, this article provides information that is important in developing an argument on how we can face racism.
MacMullan, Terrance. "Facing up to Ignorance and Privilege: Philosophy of Whiteness as Public Intellectualism." Philosophy Compass 10.9 (2015): 646-660.
MacMullan provides his readers with an interesting article that explores current trends and future research possibilities that clarifies more on facing up to ignorance and privilege. Some of the topics in the article include the invisibility of white supremacist racism to white people, white ignorance and privilege, and how the problems can be understood. MacMullan identifies the effort made by philosophers of color and their continued endeavor to write more about whiteness and white supremacy to understand the underlying factors. Politically engaged philosophy of whiteness that is not widely addressed in civil discourses of race and racism have also been discussed.
The author of the article is an associate professor at Eastern Washington University in the department of philosophy and honors. MacMullan has written a book about the habits of whiteness in addition to this article about the philosophy of whiteness. Philosophy Compass is a reputable publishing company for philosophy writers. This article is credible because the author is well informed about the topic of racism particular the underlying factors of white supremacy. This article is useful as it helps build insight on how we can face the challenges although the information is too general. White ignorance as a problematic issue has adequately been presented in the article hence its relevance to the research question.
Saeed, Amir. "Racism and Islamophobia: A Personal Perspective." Identity papers: A Journal of

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