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Employee handbook (people for animal). Literature & Language (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Unit III Instructions
Name of Nonprofit organization: People for Animal
Employee Handbook: Part I
Whether your organization employs three employees or 3,000, you need a set of policies and procedures that everyone in your organization will be expected to follow.
Create the first draft of your nonprofit’s employee handbook, including at least eight sections for information vital to your organization. You should choose which sections you would like to include based on your nonprofit and what you think your audience needs to know.
This unit focuses on creating the content of your employee handbook. In Unit IV, you will use the feedback from this unit to improve your content and work on the presentation of this information.
Your organization’s employee handbook should follow the guidelines listed below.
Use a tone that is appropriate for your nonprofit.
Utilize 12-point Times Roman font.
Include a heading in bold font for each section in your handbook.
Include a references page as well as APA in-text citations if any of the information in the document was located in another source.
In Unit III, your goal is to write the policy. In Unit IV, you will polish the content in your employee handbook and focus on presenting the information in a visually appealing format.
Part I: Your completed assignment should be at least two pages in length. Outside sources may be included, but they are not required for this assignment. If you do choose to use outside sources, be sure to use APA format to document those sources with in-text citations and a separate references page. Remember that your document does not need to include a title page.


People for Animal Employee Handbook
Student Name
Institution Affiliation
Overview of the Company and its objectives: People for Animal (PFA) is an animal welfare organization that was founded by Maneka Gandhi in 1992 and is based in India. Over the years, PFA has worked with various animal rights groups including Humane Society International to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals. In this regard, PFA has established run shelters, treatment camps, sterilization programs and ambulance services in the region (, 2020). PFA’s primary objectives include:
* Upgrading and establishing more facilities for animal rescue and rehabilitation.
* Influencing animal-friendly legislations.

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