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ASPCA animal abuse and adoption Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


a. Locate and evaluate at least 10 reliable research sources, including at least two media sources (pictures, videos, hyperlinks, etc.). You will already have your 10 sources to cite from the annoted bibliography page. use the same ones here for the paper.
b. Write a 5-8 page research paper in MLA style on your chosen issue. (you can do 6pages)
c. 12pt font, header, number the pages, 1 inch borders, must have in text citations, dont forget the cite page please
d. you need to convince the audience to support the cause of choice, ASPCA, support animal adoption and be against animal abuse


Subject and Section:
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No to Abuse, Yes to Adoption
Before human beings walked the face of the earth, there were already inhabitants that are years ahead of us, and these are animals. Animals have been through many natural phenomenon and disasters, evolved, and adapted to what we know of them nowadays, but their fight for survival is still not over. The animals need protection, and preservation to prevent the extinction of their species, and for their kind to continue on for generations to come. Unfortunately, we humans, instead of being stewards of everything that are on earth, are very much involved in being predators to these animals. Cruelty towards animals is an issue that is still present and is something that seems to be very challenging to eradicate. Animal abuse and the awareness regarding this issue are not enough as a solution to this long-standing problem that is faced by the animals, both domesticated and wild.

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