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Formative Research Plan. The Animal Rescue League of Boston (Essay Sample)


USE THE "TEMPLATE" PROVIDED to identify the following for my GROUP Project / client:
(The description for my group project and client are in the attached file named "description group client")
1) Create a Situation Analysis for Group Project "client" - include the following:
a) organization's mission; b) the problem; c) a summary of the solution(s)/goal(s)
(Not necessarily in that order)
2) Itemize a SWOT Analysis for Group Project "client" - include the following:
a) Strengths; b) Weaknesses (situations that currently exist)
c) Opportunities; d) Threats (situations that COULD happen)
3) List ALL Publics (internal & external) - remember to itemize according to demographics and psychographics
4) List ALL Geographic Markets - regions to market to - ie: towns, counties, states, regions... whatever is the best way to categorize your publics)
***USE ATTACHED TEMPLATE PROVIDED named "TEMPLATE". Just write your answer in the template.
Another 3 attached file ".....Example" is the example for the answer and you can refer to these examples.


The Animal Rescue League of Boston
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
The Animal Rescue League of Boston
Situation Analysis
The mission of the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston is to rescue domesticated animals and wildlife from cruelty, neglect, and suffering ( The organization champions for animals in need, and it is committed to keeping these animals safe and healthy. It focuses on meeting people and animals in their habitats or homes, and to bring veterinary and wellness services directly to those in need of it so that animals are safe and healthy in communities and out of shelters ( Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a serious problem to the ARL of Boston because it has decreased the number of adopters and increased the cost of raising ARL (WHDH 7 ). In this context, raising more funds is a serious problem that needs to be considered.  

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