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Negative News Memo: W1-NNMemo-2 (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

W1-NNMemo-2.doc Business Communication – Professor Assignment (W1) Negative News Memo Who are you? You work for IBM Corporation in the Data Protection and Compliance Department. Title: Assistant Manager of Information Security Who's your audience? All employees of the company's New York corporate headquarters. What's your task? Write a concise memo that provides the following negative news: - Informs employees that in order to protect company information, a new electronic data protection and compliance policy has been established. - Announces the effective date for this new policy. - Explains that all aspects of company electronic-devices' usage, including e-mail, the Internet, computer files, social networking sites, etc. will now be monitored by a new software program. - Directs employees to a location where they can review a newly developed PC and Electronic-Devices' Usage Guidelines Handbook which covers the rules for proper company computer and Internet usage. How about format? Use appropriate memo format, as shown in the text, including: - A concise, effective subject line - Maximum one page of single-spaced text - Graphic highlighting (bullets, headings, subheads, short paragraphs, etc.) to emphasize main ideas and make the document short and easy for the reader to quickly review. - IBM memo letterhead (download logo and create your own). - Bad news, indirect organization pattern as discussed in class and in the text. Note: 1. It is your job to research the details of this type of policy, which is becoming common practice in many leading, international corporations. 2. Be creative and sensitive in making your choices. 3. Turn negatives into positives wherever possible. S2 source..
To: All employees at the New York Corporate headquarters
From: IBM Corporation: Data Protection and Compliance Department.
Assistant Manager of Information Security
Subject: New Electronic Data Protection And Compliance Policy Establishment
Date: February 29, 2012
This is in regard to the establishment of the new electronic data protection and compliance policy in the company. The policy will apply to all employees at the New York Corporate headquarters. The Company through resolution of the Data Protection and Compliance Department intends to start implementing the Data Protection and Compliance policy. All employees are expected to present adequate and relevant data so that the department may achieve the intended purpose. In addition, the data MUST be accurate and kept up-to-date regularly. However, the data provided will not be kept for more than the date provided and will be based on the rights of the d...
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