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The 1917 Russian Revolution and the Collapse of Tsarism (Research Paper Sample)


Use a minimum of four sources for a research essay that examines the following topic.
Why was the Russian monarchy overthrown in February and March of 1917? Examine the long-term causes of the first Russian Revolution as well as the short-term factors during World War I that precipitated the collapse of Tsarism.


The 1917 Russian Revolution and the Collapse of Tsarism
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The Russian Revolution in 1917 began with the occurrence of numerous conflicts and social issues in Russia. This involved the initial overthrow of the Tsarist autocracy and later on the overthrow of the liberal and moderate-socialist Provisional Government. This led to the creation of the Soviet Union whereby the Provisional Government was directly governed by the Bolshevik Party and the rise of socialism within the region. The Russian Revolution of 1917 was mainly rooted in a significant history of atrocities and human oppression. This history, coupled with incompetent leadership and also the entry of Russia into World War 1 set the stage for massive change.[McMeekin, Sean. The Russian revolution: A new history.]

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