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RESEARCH PAPER 530 - R1. Gun Control Debate (Research Paper Sample)


When it comes to views about what factors contribute to gun violence, Republicans and Democrats deeply disagree over the degree to which legally obtained guns contribute to gun violence. Approximately 76% of Democrats say the ease with which people can legally obtain guns contributes a great deal or fair amount to gun violence, compared with just 39% of Republicans. By contrast, more than eight-in-ten Republicans (84%) and Democrats (88%) say the ease with which people can illegally obtain guns contributes a great deal or a fair amount to gun violence. We are all Americans that are concerned about the welfare of our families and loved ones, however, a cogent policy seems to escape our legislators.
Write a Research Paper using the information learned thus far in this class to explore at least 2 sides (one from each perspective—pro/con) of the is debate and answer the question, “How will major and transformative changes in gun policy take place in the United States?” Remember, this is not an opinion piece, this is a policy analysis piece.
This paper must have at least 7 sources and have a 900—1,000-word body and must include the following sections:
• Title Page
• Introduction
• Summary
• Critique
• Personal Response
• Conclusion
• Bibliography
The Book Reviews must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, be double spaced with 1-inch margins, and follow current Turabian format. See the grading rubric for specific guidelines and grading procedures.


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Gun Control Debate
Gun control policy in the United States of America mostly involves the acquisition, ownership, and use of firearms through legal measures or law. Among the developed countries with strict gun control laws, the United States of America (U.S.A) have seems to have high incidences of firearm abuse. Most Americans have a constitutional right to legally possess firearms making the law controversial since most of murder and homicide cases involve guns.

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