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Poetry Analysis Assignment: Woodchucks by Kumin (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Read the poem "Woodchucks" by Maxine Kumin. Write a commentary on your analysis of the poem. Begin by reading the poem thoroughly before analyzing. Next, annotate for the elements of poetry. From your analysis, create an assertion as to the poet's purpose, the poem's meaning, the poetic elements used, and the overall effect on the reader: this is your thesis. Finally, craft a multi-paragraph commentary on the poem in which you give your assertion, detail your interpretations and analysis, and prove those interpretations with specific, quoted, cited support from the poem.
(Talk about theme, setting, inner structure, etc.) Next to the poem


Poem Analysis: Woodchucks
The approach used by the persona at first fails; “gassing the woodchucks didn't turn at right.” The gardener thought of being a pacifist by taking the woodchucks through a merciful sheep of death as she is optimistic thinking it would work. Killing something cannot be a merciful act, and therefore the author, in this case, utilizes ironical statements; “the knockout bomb from feed and grains...” The author demonstrates in the poem an environment where the farmer is frustrated in making attempts to remove the woodchucks. At the start of the poem it seems not to address serious concerns, but as it progresses, the seriousness in it is seen. The author also portrays the speaker as a farmer with lots of frustrations who believes that ending the lives of woodchucks is the only solution to the problems he is facingCITATION Max14 \p "stanza 1" \l 1033 (Maxine stanza 1).
The poem utilizes stylistic devices like metaphors for instance, in demonstrating the thinness of the mother's teeth he compares them with the needle; “her needle teeth still hooked in ...” He has also used imagery by comparing the woodchucks to some living organism that he will kill. The only way of getting rid of

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