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An Analysis of Rumi's Book of Love: Poems of Love and Ecstasy (Essay Sample)


PLEASE EDIT THE PAPER according to the comments:
Attached are the pics of the essay along with the professor's comments
stating what needs to be revised . please follow the instructions written by the professor on each page.
Also in the original order I had asked for the 5 poems titles to be included which best describe the
essay's points or thesis (can be under the works cited).
Initial order instructions:
the instructions are attached in a file so please go through them carefully. A file with questions
to help guide the paper is also attached. the academic sources are attached as well.
please use at least 4 of those sources and then
find 2 more CREDIBLE sources online that would best support the essay. a sample
paper is also attached so you can get an idea of what the professor needs.
please make sure mla8 citations are used and no grammar mistakes.
Need an A in this paper as it is a final paper for higher level literature class. If any questions arise
about the paper then please ask so.
Submit, with paper, copies of at least 5 poems that you feel best illustrate your thesis.
(you can copy paste those poems from the book that is being analyzed
i.e Rumi's the book of love : Poems of Ecstasy and Longing)


"Diving Deep into the Intuitional Truth and Experiential Knowledge of Rumi's Mystical Poetry: An Analysis of Rumi's Book of Love: Poems of Love and Ecstasy"
Jalaluddin Rumi is regarded as one of the most respected and revered poets of the 13th century due to his literary compositions that are centered on the mysteries, the challenges, and the ecstasy of the universe. Rumi has a complex talent of expounding his ideas into poetry that would not only be heard by the ears but also felt by the soul. He is able to combine his knowledge and experience with language and words. As a result, through his intuitive understanding of the mystery of the cosmos and the human heart, he then articulates a truth that lives within the hearts and minds of the readers. Rumi's literary work has a great influence on modern audiences as his ideas and compositions have a dynamic that strikes a deep emotion that cannot be easily translated into words, but rather portray an intuitive but mysterious truth. (Wines). The intuitional truth is that which results from something such as a person's experience in life. Therefore, the analysis circulates the theme of an emotion of intuitional truth that can be extracted from Rumi's work as he touches on the experimental knowledge of humans.
The intuitional truth that results from Rumi's works is a display of the uncontrollable impact that his poetry work brings to the Western Audience. Given the fact that his work talks about a certain love that is beyond separation and judgment, then this is a clear evidence of the kind of love that people express in the current world. The work of Rumi has received great appreciation from the western audience and Muslims hence rendering it work that had a universal target (Wines) every human being is bound to have love feelings and therefore, this brings about the truth that Rumi had in his words. Western readers find Rumi's work very captivating due to the widespread use of romantic imagery in his poems. Hence the work is based on the intuitional truth resulting from the experience of Rumi regarding other people.
Also, an intuitional truth in regard to the Rumi's work of poem is a repeatedly used form of writing as evidenced in the fact that Rumi's tale of love and life depicts a love beyond judgments. It also shows a love beyond all separation and labels such as age and gender, beyond physical attachment and attraction, and beyond the words that are articulated and used in the poetry. This kind of love is the knowledge obtained from human beings experiences. The true value of his poems lies in the religious analysis of his content. Many readers who truly want to be enlightened by Rumi's knowledge, must seek to contemplate upon the hidden wisdom within his poems. Based on the poems, instead of life associated with love, they are the modes and sources of love itself. The poems come as evidence to such emotion. Nowadays, Rumi's works are being read across the world and feel fresh and new, perhaps as we have more opportunities to learn about it (Iqbal).
Love, as per Rumi, is the rational power of the universe; it is a result of affection that everything anxiously goes towards its source; it is love which enlivens music and gives an importance to life. This is based on the knowledge of human being's experience. It is enamored that the opposing powers of nature accomplish a one of a kind solidarity. What's more, adore isn't rational; it evades reason and investigation and is best comprehended by involvement. It doesn't inquire as to why before it make

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