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What Is The Significance Of The Kokinshu In Japanese Literal And Cultural History? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Answer the following 2 questions with about 150 words each: 1.What is the significance of the kokinshu in Japanese literal and cultural history? Please be sure to describe what the historical circumstances of its creation were, and what role it played in the lives of Japanese aristocrats during the Heian period. CHOOSE ONLY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TWO QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: 2a. What is the significance of writing in vernacular kana(syllabary) in the development of literature during Heian period ? Be sure to discuss three works in your answer. OR 2b. Discuss the relationship between prose(or narrative) and poetry in one of the works we have read. Be sure to identify the work and choose one where there is a relationship to discuss. The only works that can be discussed within the answer :.milliono set (manyoshu) Ise matter (tales of ise) dragonfly diary (kagero dairy) ancient and modern song (kokinshu) NOTE: If you choose 2b to answer, please do not focus on Kokinshu. No citation needed.


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Japanese Literature
Kokinshu is signigicant in the literal and cultural history of the Japanese because it contains verses that captures the reader with their idea and beauty of intonation. It was the very first collection of old and new Japanese poems that were imperially commissioned that are in Japanese. The poets who use Kokinshu see originality to be less significant than language perfection and tone. There is a total of 1,111 poems that were compiled and separated into 20 thematic books

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